When A Garage Is More Than Just A Big Junk Drawer

April 23, 2020

Photo of custom garage in River Landing

In the last couple of years, garages have become so much more than just utilitarian storage spaces where dirty lawnmowers are parked, dusty golf clubs are shoved in the corner, and greasy tools are laid in hodgepodge piles. In today’s real estate market, homeowners are putting a lot of time and energy into thinking about their garage spaces. What was once just a place to park the car overnight has turned into an expression of the home and, in the case of River Landing homes, oftentimes a recreational space, an organized storage space, a hobby space, and even a small car museum! Homeowners are requesting designer garages that enhance curb appeal, increase the overall home value, and offer a place for personal interests they simply haven’t had the luxury of before. A great example of such a space is 134 Pine Ridge Drive in River Landing in Wallace, NC (built in 2012). 

What Do You Need In A Garage?

In the case of 134 Pine Ridge, the homeowners built their home as part of the Custom Home Program at River Landing. The garage in their previous home was quite small. The homeowners knew they wanted more in their custom home. They wanted to be able to park both of their cars, store their riding lawnmower, keep their golf clubs safe, have an organizational system for their yard tools, hand tools, and recreation items (including a kayak hanging from the ceiling!). But they wanted something that would add to the beauty of the house as well. They needed a garage that echoed the grandeur of the home and that is precisely what 134 now includes.

What Size Should A Garage Be?

With the increase in the sizing of many automobiles, garages have also had to adjust. Because of such, homeowners need to consider how many cars they will want to park inside first. This allows the width and height to be determined. In 2019 the average SUV ranged from 69 to 79.4 inches in width and a height range from 65.9 to 70.3 inches. 134 Pine Ridge Drive allows for not only two full-size vehicles with ample walkaround space, but also a third stall for a riding lawn mower, a golf cart, or other various recreational “toys.”

What Materials Will You Finish Your Garage With?

Because the role of the garage has changed so much, it is no longer appealing to have exposed studs and poured concrete flooring. Homeowners today finish their garages with either spray foam or fiberglass batting with a variety of wall finishings. The listing on Pine Ridge Drive is insulated with spray foam and then finished with a brick veneer and sheetrock walls. The flooring is magnificent. It is concrete with a speckled stone grey polyurethane floor coating. 

River Landing homes are all designed and built with structural and artistic integrity from the masonry footers to their custom garages. Expanding space is important to families and – like 134 Pine Ridge Drive – provides safe, secure, and attractive garage options. 

To see the full listing for 134 Pine Ridge Drive visit our listings page or schedule an in-person showing by contacting River Landing today!

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