5 Ways To Strengthen Your Community During Coronavirus

April 30, 2020

River Landing is a community where hugs are given freely and handshakes are commonplace. Neighbors greet neighbors on the sidewalk and friends exchange waves on the golf course. All are gestures of affection and serve to show courtesy, express congratulations, or promote friendship. But how do we keep our relationships strong when those tools are no longer available to us? Consider these 5 ways residents of River Landing are strengthening their community during Coronavirus. 

Find Out Who May Need Help

Whether it be a flyer at the postal boxes, an email to friends or neighbors, or even a post on popular social media applications, staying in touch virtually with your neighbors is important and necessary. These locations – tangible or not – can become information hubs where you can offer a service or lend a hand to those who may be a bit older, physically challenged, or medically compromised. That might mean picking up a few groceries while you’re out getting your own or grabbing a convenient meal to-go from a local restaurant. Whatever the case, a simple act of assistance can go a long way both during the pandemic and beyond.

Support Local Businesses

Local business is essential for our economy. It brings growth and innovation to our communities. It provides employment and creates entrepreneurship opportunities and supports the local economies, communities and neighborhoods, including River Landing. One great way to continue supporting local business in and around Wallace, NC is by supporting local restaurants. Many have revised their menu for take-out or family meals. But don’t stop there. Check for delivery options at places other than restaurants. Your local appliance store, flower shop, garden center or clothing boutique may not have their usual storefront, but many are providing delivery or curbside pickup.

Give Back To The Community

One of the most critical problems during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the widespread shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE)—masks, isolation gowns, face shields, exam gloves—designed to keep healthcare workers safe while treating others. At River Landing several residents have turned their kitchen tables into seamstress stations in order to make masks and surgical caps for both fellow residents and the first responders and healthcare workers around the community. Food shortage and loss of wages is also an area where help is needed. 

River Landing resident Tom Castellino saw a challenging time for Club Members and turned it into an opportunity to support those challenged by COVID-19. “Clubhouse dining has had to close for a while but members wanted to use their food and beverage budget to help others,” said Castellino. After speaking with Director of Hospitality Larry George, Castellino recruited neighbors and was able to provide meals for more than 30 families through Mad Boar Restaurant.

Share A Random Act Of Kindness

At times like this everyone can use a bit of neighborly kindness. Even though life may seem on hold, birthdays still take place. Anniversaries happen. Milestones like graduation and prom are on the calendar. River Landing has made sure those opportunities haven’t passed without a small bit of celebration. River Landing residents have kept each other smiling with simple gestures like posting colored Easter egg pictures in their windows for an outdoor Easter egg hunt. They have left chalk art for each other in driveways. One young resident was set to celebrate his birthday just 3 days after the stay-at-home order was announced. His parents asked the community to help make the best of the occasion by joining the family in a surprise birthday parade. Cars, trucks, and golf carts flowed down the street with decorations and signs. It was such a success and the young man was so elated that when his sister turned 6 just weeks later, another parade was assembled and this time ended with a slushy truck to provide a cool treat for participating neighbors at a safe distance, of course.

Stay Healthy And Exercise

Per the Governor’s order, the Fitness Center at River Landing has had to discontinue fitness classes for a while. That doesn’t mean that good health and fitness has had to stop. In fact, quite the opposite. Under the leadership of Sabrina Lewis the Fitness Center has begun online classes including Pilates and ‘Core & More’ through the Zoom platform. 

We may not be able to hug each other’s necks right now or extend our hand in a hardy handshake, but we can show friendship, love, support, and appreciation in so many other ways. And through those ways our community is strengthened, one selfless act after another!

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