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Two Top 40 18-Hole Golf Courses

Top Two Courses in Eastern NC

Both of our courses were designed by nationally acclaimed architect Clyde Johnston of Hilton Head, South Carolina. Through Johnston’s incredible vision of the remarkable land entrusted to him at River Landing, he carved out a masterpiece in the two 18-hole golf courses. His designs take full advantage of the unique natural beauty of our eastern coastal plain region, including scenic lakes, lush woodlands, and the peaceful Northeast Cape Fear River. 

The stunning layout of these two 18-hole championship golf courses challenges the experienced golfer, while offering five sets of tees to make the courses enjoyable for any player type. Over the years, River Landing has implemented various sustainability initiatives to help preserve our environmental resources for the next generation. We base our initiatives on an ideal from the Iroquois Indians which states, “Decisions are made considering the 7th generation in the future.” Through this initiative we hope to be the forward-thinking leader in the golf industry.

ariel view of golf course

The River Course

#1 in the Region, #20 in the State

Embracing the stunning beauty of the natural environment, the River Course runs along the Northeast Cape Fear River. This 18-hole championship course incorporates five tee boxes, Champion Bermuda on the greens and Tifway 419 Bermuda for the tees and fairways.

ariel view of golf course

The Landing Course

#2 in the Region, #31 in the State

Embracing the community development, Clyde Johnston designed the Landing Course to easily showcase River Landing. This 18-hole championship layout incorporates five tee boxes, Champion Bermuda on the greens and Tifway 419 Bermuda for the tees and fairways.

Par-3 Courses

In addition to our traditional 18-hole courses, River Landing also offers a popular par-3 option on both the River and the Landing courses.

Consisting of nothing but par-3 holes (holes that a golfer is expected to need only three strokes to finish), the 18-hole layouts have a par of 54 with each hole being less than 200 yards in length. As par-3 courses increase in popularity, they are particularly good for beginning golfers, junior golfers, and golfers with limited time frames in which to play.

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