The Changing Face Of Real Estate In River Landing During Covid-19

April 16, 2020

Real estate in North Carolina is considered an essential business during the Coronavirus pandemic, and agents are having to pivot in order to protect the buyer, the seller, and everyone in between. 

Buying and selling a home has traditionally involved a lot of close, face-to-face interaction. But during this unprecedented time, creativity and innovation are key to providing a quality experience for clients. From 3D virtual showings on Facetime to Docusign secure forms, the real estate industry has had to condense its innovation timeline from perhaps a 5-year plan to a 1-month plan. It hasn’t been a cakewalk, but it certainly has been doable and successful at River Landing.  

River Landing began development in 1996, but nothing has ever impacted the real estate market in quite this fashion. 

Aside from the obvious new way of conducting real estate business, there is also a component of awareness that has had to be taken into consideration. This pandemic has created an interest in spaces in a more intensified way. Discretionary buyers now want to talk more about home offices and whether or not those are available. They are more concerned with shared spaces and how those are maintained. Buyers are also realizing they need more privacy than they thought because they are growing tired of Zoom conferences from the confines of their master closet. There is no doubt the world is changing, and Hendrickson remains optimistic that the listings at River Landing are rising to the occasion.

Photo of a finished attic apartment

As River Landing navigates through this new season of seemingly virtual real estate, more technology becomes available. Drive-by appraisals or “desktop” appraisals are becoming more accepted. It is a brave new world and one that may seem foreign to some. But for River Landing, it is one that can be navigated with calmness and focus. At the end of the day, we want everyone to stay safe and feel safe.

To view the current listings at River Landing visit our real estate page on the web.

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