Tee It Up Tuesday: Get Better Scores and Faster Rounds

August 13, 2019

A Solid Pre-Shot Routine = Better Scores = Faster Rounds of Golf

How can you shoot better scores while still playing faster rounds of golf? It’s easy! If you have a solid (repeatable) pre-shot routine this will help not only produce better scores but will also help you and your groups play faster.

I have lost count of how many times I have asked students to show me their pre-shot routine and this what I see: stand behind the ball to pick a target, walk into the shot and take their stance, and finally they hit the ball. Can you tell what they are missing in their pre shot routine? I’ll tell you, it’s called a practice swing!

Most people have been told by the spouses or groups of friends that a practice swing is not needed, it’s just a waste of time. I’m here to tell you that your spouse and friends are wrong! Why do you see all the PGA and LPGA pros on TV take practice swings? Do you think they do it to look cool? The answer is a resounding no! They do it because they’re trying to feel the shot and a swing that will produce a good result.

My Pre-Shot Routine – CVF:

I ALWAYS play ready golf (being ready to play when it’s my turn). I follow the acronym CVF. CVF stands for:

  • Calculate (yardage, wind, air temperature)

  • Visualize (seeing the shot play out in my mind)

  • Feel (this is where I take my 1-2 PRACTICE swings!)

And then I hit the ball. I average around 25 seconds from getting my yardage, pulling the club from the bag, seeing the shot, and practicing my shot to start my swing. The USGA, R&A, and PGA all have pace of play rules to go by. They say in a group, the first person to their ball has 40 seconds to hit their shot, everyone else in the group has 30 seconds. You shouldn’t have a problem taking a practice swing or two and completing your shot in that amount of time. Hopefully this helps you not only play better but also play faster!

Watch the video above for more!

-Justin Riker,
Assistant Golf Professional at River Landing

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