Chef Jake Vollmar: Top 20 in Chef Showdown

August 2, 2019

Chef Jake Vollmar: Top 20 in Chef Showdown

Chef Jake Vollmar and Sous Chef Jessica Crosby after competing in the first round of the Chef Showdown.

Chef Jake Vollmar and Sous Chef Jessica Crosby after competing in the first round of the Chef Showdown.

North Carolina based products reign supreme in the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association’s (NCRLA) cooking competition: “Chef Showdown.” The contest brings chefs from all over the state to one location where they prepare and serve a dish of their choice to a panel of judges who then rate the chef’s work on presentation, overall taste, and use of local North Carolina ingredients. This year, River Landing Chef Jake Vollmar was chosen to represent our area for NCRLA’s savory Chef of the Year.

Jake is no stranger to similar types of cooking competitions as he participated in several throughout his college years. When crafting a meal for a panel of judges, Jake pays homage to his culinary roots. He explains, “When I create a dish, I always pay tribute to people that have influenced me throughout my career. My mother is my biggest inspiration.” With his influences in mind, Jake blended his style with the North Carolina ingredients to craft a dish that he was sure would wow the judges.

“We put up a rock-solid dish that showcases local flavors that come from farms in our area,” said Vollmar, further adding, “for me, there is no better feeling than standing in front of a panel, knowing you have a solid dish to present and a good story behind the food.” The dish he presented in the first round featured, of course, pork with a dish he entitled “Three Little Pigs.”

Jake has described that participating in the competition is a thrill, but winning the title of North Carolina Chef of the Year would bring lots of positivity to a trying, personal year following Hurricane Florence. “Winning would mean so much to me on many different levels. My hope is that it would show my dedication to my career despite everything I’ve been faced with this past year. I lost my home in the floods after Hurricane Florence and we’re still trying to recover. Winning would give this year some positivity and demonstrate that even going through one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with, I can overcome.”


Vollmar’s dish earned him a spot in the next round of competition, making him one of the Top 20 Savory Chefs in North Carolina. “I want to showcase the diverse amount of products that come from Duplin County and represent myself, The Village at River Landing, Murphy Family Ventures, and our area in the best way possible,” said Vollmar while discussing what he plans to do at the next level of competition which will take place in Raleigh on August 12, 2019.

The final round of competition will take place at Angus Barn’s Bay 7 on Monday, September 30, 2019. This event is open to the public as those in attendance will get to taste and vote on the “People’s Choice Chef of the Year”. Tickets are available now at the link below where full information about the competition may be found, including a full list of finalist.

Chef Jake and his team work to make your event the most memorable experience possible, while taking all of the work off of your shoulders. Whether you are looking for a venue and catering for your next birthday party, have a big meeting you need to host, or are planning your wedding, The Village at River Landing has the venue and the crew to make your gathering easy on you. Contact our sales team at 910-285-4171 or click the link below to learn more about our venues and offerings.

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