Celebrating Our Housekeepers!

September 25, 2019

This year for International Housekeepers Week, The Inn at River Landing in Wallace celebrated the unsung heroes of hospitality with their first Housekeeping Olympics.

River Landing Director of Lodging Ken Floyd decided to host the fun and interactive event for his staff, celebrating them in a way that also bonded the employees as a group. Each day between September 10 and September 13 the housekeeping staff participated in events such as ‘Fast and Furious Bed-Making’, ‘High-Velocity Squirt Bottle Target Shooting’, ‘Housekeeping Cart Racing,’ and ‘Cleaning the John’.

It may seem like all fun and games but it truly is a special week. The work done by the housekeeping staff is essential at every hotel and customer satisfaction is heavily dependent upon the job that they do. Housekeepers are truly the backbone of the hotel and despite the “behind the scenes” aspect of their discipline, and it is obvious to Floyd and his whole team that they deserve all the respect and attention due.

“We try and recognize our team as much as we possibly can,” says Floyd. “They work very hard and put in a lot of effort to ensure our guests have an enjoyable stay.” He added, “this week is just a special time every year. It puts the Housekeeping Team on display and really shows them our appreciation for all of their hard work.”

While the housekeeping staff did enjoy some fierce competition, Floyd says that the week’s events actually brought the staff closer together. “In most of the events, we saw them cheering each other on. They are a very cohesive team and push each other to do their best.”

The winners of each day’s events were awarded a prize pack as well as bragging rights. After the events, the team enjoyed a catered lunch for all participants, giving housekeepers who may not work the same shift a chance to get to know each other a little better.

In addition to the rooms at The Inn at River Landing also boasts luxury cottages and suites inside the golf community at their Grand Clubhouse. To book your stay at River Landing, or to learn more about our available golf packages, wedding specials, and corporate event opportunities, click on the links below or contact Shelli at 910-285-4171.

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