Staff Spotlight: Danny Barnett


Danny is the well-known assistant at our River Landing Golf Shop. His responsibilities include scheduling tee times, organizing our apparel, checking golfers in, and as he put it himself, welcoming people and making them happy. 

Danny started at the golf shop eleven years ago after retiring from the automotive industry and moving to North Carolina. As he often tells Golf Pro Larry George, “I’m old, retired, and living the dream.”  He loves to see new faces and poke fun at the people he knows well.


Fun Facts About Danny

What are your duties in the Golf Shop?

- Welcome people and make them happy, help with golf check-ins


How long have you worked for the company/golf shop?

- 11 years, 7 months


What did you do prior to working in the golf shop?

- I retired from Allison Transmission-GM Division prior to working at River Landing


Where are you from originally?

- “My mother and father,” or Bloomington, Indiana


Members who know you are already aware that it’s hard to catch you in a bad mood. Why is that?

- Because I enjoy what I do and I get to mess with the Members


What do you do enjoy doing outside of work?

- I play golf and spend time with my wife


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

- “If it’s free, take it. No matter if it’s just a piece of bread, you'll never starve to death.”


Is there a piece of advice you’d like to share with us?

- Be happy! It could always be worse.

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