Tee it up Tuesday: Baby It’s Cold Outside!

December 5, 2017

We are very fortunate with where we live to be able to play golf all year round. However, Michael Buble says it best in his Christmas song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” If I am on the first tee and I can see my breath I’d prefer to be inside by the fire drinking some cider watching a movie. However, here are a few tips for those venturing out into the chilling air for some time on the links!

Club Selection

Due to the temperature being colder, you are more likely to lose some of your distance. The ball is not going to “pop” off the club face the same as it will in the heat of the summer. That combined with your limited flexibility due to the cold and potentially the amount of layers you have on will cause your yardages to change. When the temperature gets colder, the clubs get shorter, so be sure to give yourself at least one more club on approach shots and perhaps experiment with a lower compression golf ball!


It’s cold outside, you’re wearing a number of layers, the ground is frozen, and your body is just a little more stiff than normal. All things set aside, you’re probably not going to go out and shoot the best round of your life. If you do miss a few shots here and there, remember that the conditions are a bit tougher than your normal summer round. Don’t be so hard on yourself and just enjoy the fact that you are in a place where you can play throughout the winter months!

Heat Up Those Hands

There is only one thing connecting us to the golf club, and that is our hands. It is crucial for any golfer to take good care of their hands when the cold hits! Keep your hands as warm as possible when you are out on the course. Invest in a good pair of cart mits, gloves, and plenty of hand warmers to keep in your pockets!

Cold hands can also lead to dry hands! Make sure you apply plenty of lotion or moisturizer to your hands to avoid your skin drying out and cracking mid round!

Stretch It Out

Stretch at home PRIOR to leaving the house. This will not only save time once you get to the golf course but it will also give you a chance to stretch out your muscles while you are indoors and warm. Your body is not going to have the same amount of flexibility in 40 degree weather that it will have in 80 degree weather. Stretching your muscles while you’re out in the cold could potentially lead to injury, and nobody wants an injury when the sunshine season is around the corner!


Some of you may be experiencing snow fall, or the courses too frosted over to play. Some of you that have the option to tee it up, do it! Just remember to take these tips with you. And if you’re one of the fair weather players who prefer to stay inside on these colder days, you’re more than welcome to come join me on the couch by the fire!

By Briana Sweeny

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