Wilkins & Wilkins General Contractors

December 12, 2017


Jim and Lisa Wilkins

Wilkins & Wilkins General Contracting, Inc. is an extension of both Jim’s and Lisa’s lifelong connection with the construction industry.  Lisa’s father was an architect and a builder and Jim grew up helping his dad in the custom cabinet shop and eventually established his own construction company in Long Island.  When Jim and Lisa moved to North Carolina, they brought their expertise and passion for perfection with them.


The Approach

The Wilkins & Wilkins approach is unique and personal. They take on one project at a time and focus their complete efforts on it from start to finish. Lisa maintains careful control over the necessary paperwork and budget and Jim is on site every day, supervising all workers and actively participating in the daily work. A call to the office reaches Lisa, a call to the site reaches Jim.


The Detail

Exceptional quality is the only kind of work Wilkins and Wilkins provides.  “Pride for Us, Satisfaction for you!”  It’s not just a slogan, it’s a promise.  Each project binder reflects Lisa’s focus on detail in the office and each job reflects Jim’s diligent to detail in materials and workmanship.


The Relationship

The client/builder relationship is a vital part of a successful project.  Wilkins & Wilkins strives to be generous with their skills and knowledge.  The loyalty and integrity they possess is matched by the loyalty of their clients.  Former clients would hire Wilkins & Wilkins again because of their ability to see projects through from inception to completion with confidence, creativity, dedication and good humor!

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For further questions and information, contact Morgan, River Landing Custom Home Program Manager – mmccollow@murfam.com.

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