Tee it Up Tuesday: Year Round Game Management

May 29, 2019

Sample of what your chart may look like

Sample of what your chart may look like

As we move into the hotter summer months it’s a good time to look at how far you’re hitting the clubs in your bag. You probably have noticed that you’re hitting shorter clubs in to most of our greens. This is due to a few different factors: The first being the rise in temperature, for every 10 degrees over 50* your golf ball should travel 2-3 yards further. Example if you hit a 9 iron 120 yards in the 50* weather, when the temperature reaches 90*, you should now be able to hit you’re 9 iron 130 yards. Secondly, as we haven’t had any rain in a few weeks the course has dried out making the ground hard and fast. This becomes an advantage in that we can now carry the ball a few yards further due to the temperature change. As the playing surface remains firm there isn’t much to slow the golf ball down and it will tend to roll out another 10-15 yards!

During the week of the PGA Championship there was a picture floating around from Brooks Koepka’s yardage book. In it he had every carry yardage for every club from a ½ swing, ¾ swing, a Full Swing and a Max-out Swing. If you’re not that detailed oriented then just figure out what your normal carry yardage is for each club and write that down. Now, some of you might ask how to figure out how far you hit each club. Well it’s easy, get 8-12 of your normal golf balls (old scuffed/cut ones) and a distance measuring device. Go out on the range and after you have warmed up and shoot one of the flags for the distance, hit those 8-12 balls and see which club allows for the majority of the shots to land near the flag. Now you can write that yardage with the corresponding club selection. Then move on to the next club and repeat the process. At the end of the session you’ll have a sheet of paper with all of your carry yardages for specific clubs. That way you can always remember that you can carry a 7iron 150 Yards and won’t have to try to swing an 8iron and come up short!

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