Distinctive Features You May Want To Add To Your Custom Home

May 14, 2019

Part of the excitement of building a custom home is the actual ability to integrate custom ideas and designs. Almost all custom homeowners want theirs to be the coolest on the block! Beyond creating a conversation stopper, distinctive features can increase home value. So what features can you add to create a unique custom home? Consider the list below to make your space truly stand out!


Who can resist the secret room? Whether they remind you of Chicago speakeasies, medieval assassination plots or Cold-War safe houses, the hidden room and other secret passages have an undeniable mystique and appeal to them.



21st-century kitchens are for more than just cooking. They are for intimate eating as well. Perhaps the reason the breakfast nook has made such an appearance in the last few years. A choice like a cozy breakfast nook saves money on furniture later, adds design flair, and helps maximize the kitchen space.



Is extra storage important to you? Is the absence of clutter also important to you? Consider these built-in-bookshelf-stairs to add a visually engaging focal point in your custom home. Stairs are an essential part of the home but also an incredibly versatile part. Don’t be afraid to get creative.



Brazilian architect Alessandro Sartore is a popular architect, known for building houses that actually incorporate nature – not just in its colors and textures, but in their actual plants! One of the best (and arguably, most innovative) ways to bring the outdoors in is with greenery! While you can always add house plants after your home is built, creating an indoor courtyard where a tree could grow will add life and distinction to your home.



By increasing a custom home’s exposure to the sun with modern, thermal, energy efficient windows and doors, it creates a healthier, happier, more comfortable and more sustainable home. Adding this unique feature not only helps light reach otherwise dim areas but it also adds novelty to your custom home.


The sky is the limit when it comes to building a custom home. Using one of our four approved custom home builders – RL Builders, Stone Built, Barker & Canady, and Wilkins & Wilkins – ensures you aren’t just going to move into a house but that you move into a home! To find out more about the Custom Home Program at River Landing email program manager Andrew M. Odom or call 910-285-4171 ext. 2244.

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