Tee It Up Tuesday: Staying Warm in the Cold

January 20, 2020

With the temperatures officially dipping into the 40s, we’re faced with colder weather than we’re accustomed to, especially after another hot and beautiful summer season. Growing up playing golf in upstate New York, I’ve played golf in the snow. I’ve also played on a nice sunny day in the winter when the wind feels like it’s cutting through my four layers of clothing, including my long johns!

Now in my 12th year of living in North Carolina, I haven’t played in snow yet. Most everything shuts down when there is talk of the white stuff falling, but when I do play in the colder weather I try to remember these few things I learned playing golf up north:

1. Layering your clothes is the key to staying warm. Look to find a good mock turtleneck that can keep you warm, as well as a sweater and wind jacket to help wick away moisture in case of rain. If using hot hands packets, keep those in your pockets, your hands will thank you after a missed shot! You can always take off a layer if you have to, but you cannot add one if you don’t already have it with you.

2. If the temperature over night is going to drop below 45’, and your garage is not temperature controlled, then go ahead and take the clubs inside. If you do not do this the epoxy in the club heads can start to deteriorate causing the club heads to come off and possibly the shafts to break.  Cold weather can also effect your grips and break down the rubber. Plus, who wants to hold on to a cold golf grip anyway?

3. If you need to have a drink, drink room temperature water. This will help keep you hydrated and keep your body temperature the same. One reason why you do not want to drink hot coffee is yes, it will warm you up for a short while, but you’ll feel colder after your body cools down.

4. Golf balls will not go as far during the winter as they do in the summer. This is due to the temperature, the ground being softer, and the layers of clothes that restrict the back swing. So take an extra club and enjoy your time outside of the house.

I hope these tips help you the next time you play in colder temperatures!

-Justin Riker, Assistant Golf Professional

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