Tee it up Tuesday: Putting

February 27, 2018

As we make our way out of winter, here are some tips that may prove helpful when it comes to your putting stroke.

With our Champion Bermuda Greens it is imperative that we allow some time for the grass to get strong and healthy, especially with the cold winter and snow in January. And with some warmer weather in February, they’ve begun to grow and, as a result, you’ve seen a reduction in green speed. So let’s get that putting stroke in form as we move into the spring and, as the green speeds pick up, that adjustment will be a smooth one!


 1. “See it and the Feel it “

At times there can be too much emphasis put on setup in terms of stance, posture, and knee flex. Think of just keeping the ball the same distance from you at address with your eyes over it, and strive for comfort after that. Posture and stance width can even vary during the course of a round, but try to keep the eyes over the ball.

2. ” Pick the Entry Point”

Once you’ve decided on your read for a breaking putt, pick your entry point on where you want the ball to enter the hole and be specific. On left to right breaking putts picture the ball falling in from the left side of the hole, as if it went in at 7 or 8 o’clock were you to picture the cup as a clock. On right to left putts, imagine the ball falling in on the right side of the hole, at 4 or 5 o’clock.

3. ” Go Low to the Hole”

It can be a positive stroke thought to focus on moving the left hand low and toward the hole through the stroke. On the practice putting green, try a drill of putting with just your left hand on the putter and holding your left shoulder with your right hand. This can encourage you to keep your shoulders level, and the one handed stroke encourages you to swing the putter without the left wrist breaking down.

-Jeff Hale, Assistant Golf Pro

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