Tee it up Tuesday: Let It Go!

April 10, 2018

Maybe give the “A” Swing a try for better release!

If you are struggling with accuracy and getting the club face square at impact, perhaps give these steps a try. The release pattern feels a lot like what a short stop in baseball uses to snap the ball over to second base to turn the double play! As Major League Baseball season is underway, why not incorporate some infield action on the diamond to go with our beautiful weather on the course…Enjoy!


1. Turn the club down:
When you reach the point in the downswing where the right elbow is adjacent to the right hip, rotate your left forearm and the palm of your right hand toward the ground. This will square the club face.

2. Right wrist stays cupped:
Many golfers instinctively flick their right hand at the ball, but that can reduce power and accuracy. Try keeping your right wrist cupped until impact. This will help with solid contact.

3. No extra rotation:
Different than a regular swing where the right hand passes over the left to square the club face, here the right hand stays under it past impact. No extra rotation is needed because the club face is already square.

4. It’s a right hand toss:
Finally let your right wrist bow and your left wrist cup, as if you were skipping stones or throwing a baseball sidearm. Your right palm should face you halfway into the follow through.

-Jeff Hale, Assistant Golf Pro

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