Staff Spotlight: April Mobley

August 23, 2017


She was hired with responsibilities including:

  • Managing sub shop employees
  • Monthly inventory
  • Invoicing, scheduling
  • And running the line


Before coming aboard at Village Subs, April had experience as a Deli Manager. Since then, April has significantly grown on a managerial level. She is particularly grateful that Murphy Family Ventures offers managerial training classes to their employees. These classes, combined with her on-the-job training has significantly advanced her experience level and expertise.

In fact, April now manages both the Village Subs and the Village Store! She now runs everything including the cash register and back-of-the house paperwork.

With the recent implementation of the Village Subs and Store’s Fresh Food Fast station, she is responsible for preparing the pre-made subs and assuring they are properly labeled.


April says her favorite part of her day is making her customers happy while getting to know them at the same time.

She is excited to share that the Village Store and Subs is currently undergoing an extreme face lift which includes:

  • Fresh paint
  • Flowers
  • New signage
  • Flat screen TVs
  • A coffee station
  • And a parking lot resurface

Many exciting upgrades are happening at Village Subs.  Customers can now utilize the online ordering option as well as the new Fresh Food Fast station with a new selection of wine for all of our winos! The River Landing Clubhouse is now frying fresh chicken daily for the Village Subs’ hot box while also providing their freshly made chicken salad.

And for dessert (as if freshly baked cookies weren’t enough)  Village Subs now offers cupcakes! They are a perfect “cheat day” treat!

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