Staff Spotlight: Andra McKinnie

September 1, 2017


Andra first began her career at Murphy Family Ventures in May of 2004 as a server at the Mad Boar Restaurant.  One of her many responsibilities was to ensure the guests enjoyed their experience at the Mad Boar.  She says the most important responsibility as a server is that, “you need to think of what the customer needs before they even realize they need it.”

Throughout her years as a Murphy Family Ventures employee, Andra has grown in many ways.  She has taken on a variety of new tasks including: training new servers, working in events as a banquet captain, becoming a hostess and being promoted to Lead Hostess.  She has also been an administrative assistant to the managers and eventually became a manager at the Mad Boar.

The Inn at River Landing – Wallace, NC

Today, Andra is the Operations Manager at the Inn at River Landing.  Her responsibilities now include overseeing the entire operation of the hotel.  So far in her position she has enjoyed meeting Members’ families who stay at The Inn at River Landing while visiting the area. Andra is particularly excited that The Inn at River Landing will soon have a sister hotel right next door!  It is planned to be up and running next year.  She is thrilled to be a part of the hotel team throughout the planning and building process.


  1. What brought you to Murphy Family Ventures?
    My grandmother was the reason I started serving.  I had never served before, but she told me to give it a try and that I may like it.  So I tried it out and I have been here ever since!
  2. What was your job before working at the Mad Boar?
    I was a telemarketer – I quickly found out that position was not for me!
  3. What are your favorite activities you do outside of work?
    My favorite past times outside of work would be enjoying family or reading a new novel.  I also love to learn new things – that is what makes life interesting!
  4. Do you have a favorite sports team?
    My favorite sports team would be any team my nephew plays for.
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