National Garden Month Recap

May 6, 2022

National Garden month was full of green grass, flowers, fun activities, and learning how to garden! During the month of April, River Landing residents, club members, and their guests participated in several events focused on gardening such as the Pond Management Seminar, Fairy Garden Workshop, Thrillers, Fillers, & Spillers, and the Earth Day Tree Planting, We ended the month with a bang with The Garden Tour and Beer & Wine Garden. Take a tour with us below and see all of the great things we did at River Landing during National Garden Month, and find out who took home the title for the 2022 Garden Tour Winner!

Pond Management Class

April 5th

Fairy Garden Workshop

April 14th

Thrillers, Fillers, & Spillers – Oh My

April 19th

Earth Day Tree Planting

April 22nd

Garden Tour

April 29th – May 1st

Garden Tour Winners

Congratulations Terry & Jim Fritzinger!

Beer & Wine Garden

May 1st

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