Top 3 Emerging Custom Home Trends To Look For In 2022

January 27, 2022

There is nothing quite as appropriate for beginning a new year in custom home construction than to highlight some of the exciting trends we should expect to see more of in 2022. Living environments are required to be functional, comfortable, and even sustainable, like never before.

Are you looking for inspiration to include in your new custom home at River Landing? End your search here with a few of the top emerging trends you’ll see in 2022.

Photo of a living room with folding glass doors
photo courtesy of NanaWall

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

With more and more homeowners once again inviting over friends and hosting intimate get-togethers, there has never been a better time to be intentional about living space. Because River Landing offers homesites for sale with incredible views of our championship golf courses, natural woodlands, or one of our 63 ponds, building a custom home that celebrates both the indoors and outdoors is paramount. If you are looking for a space where you can entertain, welcome in natural sunlight and temperate weather conditions, as well as get closer to nature, consider a seamless indoor-outdoor living space. Custom home builders are being asked about creating kitchens that open up to outdoor dining rooms, as well as living rooms that move directly into a courtyard with comfortable seating and amenities like firepits and beverage stations. Create the fluidity of the space by installing folding glass doors or unite the spaces with the same flooring or complementary furniture pieces.

Photo of an empty living room
photo courtesy of Legacy Homes, Inc.

Natural Elements

Our new appreciation of nature and environmental awareness, as well as being outdoors, is inspiring another custom home trend in 2022. Efforts are underway to find more sustainable materials to use in your new forever home. The year is seeing a return to natural elements throughout the home, including eco-friendly construction materials like wood, brick, and stone, as well as low-maintenance, repurposed wood flooring. Sourcing materials locally does more than secure the supply chain for your building materials. It also adds a more personal and close connection with your custom home.

Photo of a dog in a washing station
photo courtesy of Shea Homes

Dog Wash Stations

One in five households acquired a cat or dog since 2019 and now more homes than ever have a canine as part of the family. This is evident by the number of dogs seen walking through River Landing proudly showing off their humans on our nature trail or in one of our quaint neighborhoods. The request for dog washes and pet stations overall in custom homes has become a major trend moving into 2022. No one wants their furry friend to come in from playing outside to track mud and debris from the yard. Ten years ago a dog wash was almost unheard of, but as pups take on an increasingly important role in the family,

To start building your forever home at River Landing or to talk with the preferred builder of your choice about ways to make your custom home truly stand out, contact Community Development Coordinator Brett Roderick today.


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