How Long Does It Take To Play Golf?

February 8, 2023

Golf is a beloved sport that is enjoyed by people all around the world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, golf can provide hours of entertainment and challenge. One of the questions that people often ask is, “How long does it take to play a round of golf?” In this article, we will answer this question and provide information on the average golf round length.

How Long Does it Take to Play an 18-Hole Round

A standard 18-hole round of golf can take anywhere from 4 to 5 hours to complete. This is the most common format for golfers and is the standard for most golf courses. The length of the round can vary depending on several factors such as the number of players in your group, the skill level of the players, the course difficulty, and the weather conditions.

How Long Does it Take to Play a 9-Hole Round

For those who are short on time or simply prefer a shorter round, a 9-hole round is an excellent option. A 9-hole round typically takes around 2 to 2.5 hours to complete, making it a convenient choice for golfers with limited time. This format is also great for those who are just starting out and want to get a feel for the game before tackling a full 18-hole round.

How Long Does it Take to Play a Par 3 Course

For those who are looking for an even shorter option, a par 3 course may be the way to go. These courses typically have holes that are shorter in length and take less time to play. A round on a par 3 course can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

What Affects The Speed Which You Play

There are several factors that can affect how long your golf round will take. The number of players in your group is one of the biggest factors, as it will slow down the pace of play. Additionally, inexperienced players tend to take longer on each hole than experienced players. The course difficulty and weather conditions can also have an effect on the time it takes to complete a round. Finally, having the right equipment and being prepared.

Number of Players

Obviously, playing with multiple players will slow down your play speed, as you will have to wait for each player to make their shot before moving on to the next hole. Additionally, playing with a larger group can be more chaotic and disorganized than playing with fewer players, which can also lead to delays in play.

Course Difficulty

The course difficulty is another factor that will influence the speed of your round. Playing an easier or shorter course allows you to play the round faster and more efficiently. Conversely, a longer or more difficult course can take significantly longer to complete.

Pace of Play

One of the biggest factors that affects the length of a round of golf is the pace of play. This refers to the speed at which a group of golfers completes each hole. Slow play can cause a round to take longer, while quick play can help speed up the game. So what is a good pace of play? Our Head Golf Pro, Marshall Scott has given us the answer:

“It all depends on you and your ability, but a simple thing everyone can do is keep up with the

group in front of them. If you know the golf course is busy and notice the group in front of you is

gone, and there is a group waiting behind you, you are probably slowing down. Try to make up a

few minutes on each hole and, before you know it, your group will catch up with the play in front.”

Walking vs Riding Golf Carts

Riding on a cart while you play can help speed up the game while walking takes much longer and can make for a more physically challenging round. Most golf courses allow you to drive the golf cart on the fairway. While you cannot drive on greens, you can easily park your cart beside the greens, finish the hole and hop back into your cart and head to the next hole.

Skill Level of Players

Finally, the skill level of the players can also affect the length of a round of golf. Novice players may take longer to hit shots and navigate the course, while experienced players can complete the round in a shorter amount of time.


In conclusion, a standard 18-hole round of golf can take anywhere from 4 to 5 hours to complete, while a 9-hole round takes around 2 to 2.5 hours. Factors such as pace of play, walking versus riding in a golf cart, and skill level of the players can all affect the length of a round of golf. Whether you prefer a full 18-hole round or a shorter option, golf is a great way to spend time outdoors and challenge yourself on the course.

Play a Round of Golf at River Landing

If you’re located on the East Coast of North Carolina and are looking for a new golf course to try, look no further than River Landing. With 18-hole and 9-hole courses available, this is the perfect place to practice your skills or challenge your friends in a competitive round. The serene beauty of our two golf courses is unmatched, and you’ll love the challenge they offer. So come on down to River Landing and enjoy a great round of golf!

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