How Long do Golf Gloves Last?

January 4, 2023

A golf glove is a key piece of equipment for any golfer no matter the skill level. Golf gloves are great for retaining a good grip on the club you are swinging and preventing your hands from getting blisters.An average quality golf glove will last 10-20 rounds of golf and possibly longer depending on when you consider your golf club worn out. If you consider your glove worn out when it starts to tear, then it will last a bit longer than if you consider it to be worn out when it gets a little discolored.

How to Make Your Golf Gloves Last Longer?

If you take proper care of your glove and clean it after every use, you can easily extend the amount of rounds to 25 or more. Cleaning your golf gloves will help reduce sweat and dirt build up that eventually wears out the fabric over time. You may also want to consider using a glove-saver type product that helps keep the shape and feel of your golf glove.

The best way to ensure your golf gloves last as long as possible is to invest in a quality glove made from durable materials such as Cabretta leather or synthetic suede. Higher quality materials are usually more expensive but they will last much longer and provide better control on your club.

No matter the quality of the glove, a well cared for golf glove will last many rounds and help you improve your game. So make sure to clean your gloves regularly and invest in a good pair to ensure they last as long as possible!

Should You Buy A Cheap or Expensive Golf Glove?

There are several different material qualities when it comes to golf gloves and you can choose to buy an expensive glove that will last longer and grip better or a cheaper glove that you can replace more often without breaking the bank. Whether you buy a cheap or expensive golf glove is ultimately up to you and how the glove feels to you.

Some golfers prefer to buy a $5-$10 golf club and wear it until it tears apart on them. Because these gloves are cheap, you can use them for 10 rounds then replace them with a brand new one. If you buy an expensive glove for $35-$40 you may be able to get a few more rounds out of them, and the grip on your club may feel better than a cheap glove. Some golfers don’t need to wear an expensive glove while others like the feel of the high quality material. It’s best to try several different types of gloves and figure out which type you would like to continue to purchase.

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