Trick or Treat Golf Game


Halloween is right around the corner! 

Take two or more people out on the course for 9 holes and use this format filled with plenty of Tricks and Treats! 

The team score for each hole will be the sum of both players’ individual scores unless otherwise stated below!


Hole #1 – Trick
All players will play their own ball from the worst tee shot of the group

Hole #2 – Treat
Once on the green, count the number of putts by each player. Use the lowest putts made by any player for your score

Hole #3 – Trick
The highest individual score on this hole is used as the team score!

Hole #4 – Treat
Two Putt Max! 

Hole #5 – Trick
The highest number of putts by an individual will be used for all players


Hole #6 – Treat
Once on the green, everybody will putt their own ball from the ball nearest the pin

Hole #7 – Trick
Once on the green, everybody will move their ball to the center of the nearest greenside bunker, and scramble in from there

Hole #8 – Treat
Once on the green, anything within the length of the flagstick is a gimmie

Hole #9 – Trick
All players must hit their tee shot with their eyes closed

Happy Halloween Everyone!


-Briana Sweeny

River Landing