Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

October 25, 2017

Your wedding day is one of the most special days you will have in your life.  Expect a lot of emotion, a lot of tears, and a ton of laughter.  While the day may seem to last as long as the snap of a finger, with all of your family and friends around you, there are things throughout the day that you MUST remember. And we have compiled the list below:

  • Blot, don’t wipe!
    Don’t even think about wiping those tears away after spending all the money on your perfect makeup!  Just take your handkerchief or tissue and gently blot those tears away

  • Something will go wrong, and the show will go on

    No matter how much you plan down to the tiny details, something will not go as planned.  Accept it before you even know what it is because the show must go on.  At the end of the day, you will be married to the love your life and that’s what’s important, right?

  • Hydrate!

    Drink a lot of water when you’re getting ready in the morning with your gals. (In between the mimosas, of course!) The last thing you need is to be dehydrated from all of excitement throughout your wedding night.

  • You’ll have no time with your new spouse.

    Don’t expect to see your new spouse until the reception is over.  With all of your friends, family, and other guests, the two of you will be pulled in all different directions all night long.  And it will be a blast!

  • Don’t Worry

    Have fun on your most special day.  This is what all those months of planning and stressing have brought you to.  Be sure to relax and enjoy the entire day.

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