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Best Part of a Golf Course to Have a House

Few things are better than living on a beautiful golf course. When you live on a golf course you are constantly immersed in the golf lifestyle. When looking for a house for sale on a golf course there are three different areas on the hole the house can be. The house can be next to the tee box, next to the fairway, or next to the green. Each of these three areas have their pros and cons. 

What Is The Best Hole On A Golf Course To Live On?

A typical golf course consists of 18 holes. Each hole is unique and presents a golfer with a different challenge. With two 18 hole courses within River Landing, prospective homeowners have plenty of opportunity to find the perfect home on a golf course. A common question people ask when looking for a house on a golf course is which hole on a golf course is the best to live on?

There is no clear cut answer to this question because everyone has different preferences. The answer also depends on which course you want to live on. The holes on each golf course are different. If you want to live on a hole with water, you will have to find out which hole on the golf course has water hazards. If you prefer to live on a par 3 hole you will have to do some research and find out which holes on your desired course are par 3. Par 3 holes are popular choices for homeowners because there is less risk of a ball hitting the house or golfers walking in your yard to find a ball. 

There is one universal tip you can use when buying a house or lot on a golf course. If you want to live close to the clubhouse, you should look for a house on hole 1,9,10,or 18. If you live on one of these three holes you are more than likely walking distance to the clubhouse. This can be convenient if your club has a parking problem on busy Saturday mornings.

Does Living On A Golf Course Increase Home Value?

Living on a golf course not only provides entertainment for the homeowner where they can watch and play golf, but it also has the chance to increase their home value.  Whether or not the homeowner plays golf often, the views of a well-kept golf course in place of more residential properties will stun nearly anyone.  Not only do you have the chance to play more often or improve your game, you can also enjoy the perks of the golf course right at your fingertips – including the golf course clubhouse and restaurants if available.

The National Recreation and Parks Association discovered that homes overlooking a golf course increase in value by 15-30% – these homes do not have to be a part of the course, they simply need to overlook it.  However, unless you are an avid golfer, living on a golf course without an actual view of the course provides little value.  Without the view of the course, the value of the home may not rise.

Extra Costs Of Living On A Golf Course

While living on a golf course increases home value, it also comes with additional costs that homeowners would not have living in a typical residential neighborhood.

Homes located on a golf course are often part of the HOA. Being part of the HOA comes with extra costs due to the upkeep of the course as well as the upkeep of your actual property – keep in mind, they oftentimes will help maintain the outside of your house by mowing your lawn and other small tasks.

While this is not necessarily required on all courses, some do require you to become a member of the golf course itself when you purchase your home. Once in a while, the price of the membership actually gets bundled into the price of your home. Without the membership, you cannot use other facilities on the course, such as the pool or gym.

Living on a golf course does not necessarily mean your homeowner’s insurance monthly premium is going to skyrocket. However, if something goes wrong – such as your house or car getting hit by a rogue ball – this runs the chance of your insurance cost increasing from the claim, not to mention the cost of the repair if it is partially not covered.

Why Are Homes Built On Golf Courses?

Golf is a sport beloved by many – people will often retire and end up playing golf every single day, so it was only a natural progression to start building houses right on the course.  This way, golf fanatics wouldn’t need to wait until retirement to get the regular golf fix, and those who already retired could have easier access to the course.  Not only that, but building a golf community allows residents to be closer to others who love the sport just as much as them, which builds more close knit relationships.

The first golf community appeared in Temple Terrace, Florida in the 1920s, but these communities picked up popularity in the 1990s as golf became a more popular sport.

Pros And Cons Of Living On A Golf Course

Living on a golf course, like any location, definitely has its pros and cons.


Living on a golf course comes with the amenities of the course itself. You’ll have access not only to the course, but also to the pool, rec center, and whatever else they have to offer.


Golf courses are beautiful – there is no doubt about that. The course itself – when upkept – provides an incredible view for homeowners to enjoy right in their backyards. Additionally, thanks to the HOA, not only does the golf course stay maintained, your own property often benefits as well. The HOA keeps your lawn perfectly manicured to stay in line with the rest of the community, with little effort on your part.


Many golf courses and communities come with their own security and surveillance, so living on a golf course means you benefit from their extra security. You’ll never have to worry if your property is being protected or not.

Lack of Privacy

Golf communities may steer clear of urban streets and noise, however, groups of golfers still may pass by your home throughout all hours of the day – especially during peak golf season.

HOA Restrictions

The HOA often keeps tight reins on its community. The houses stay perfectly manicured, but as beautiful as they are kept, homeowners typically lack the creative freedom in decorating their house completely as they wish. These may be some HOA-friendly landscaping ideas for your home.

Stray Golf Balls

Being so close to the course means there is the possibility of a stray golf ball coming towards your house or car. Some areas – like the fairway – might be more at risk of this happening. Golf balls may be tiny, but they can definitely cause some damage to your property when hit hard enough.

Is Living On A Golf Course Noisy?

The noise level on a golf course depends on many different factors, so it’s hard to give a definitive yes or no answer.  For example, during colder months when it is uncomfortable to go outside for extended periods, it may be quieter.  However, during peak golf season, noisy golf groups may travel through the course at all hours of the day.  The course should stay relatively quiet during the evenings – especially if the course has no lights.

Another factor to consider for noise is how close you live to the busier sections of the course.  If you live on the fairway, with less activity, you won’t hear as many golfers throughout the day.  On the other hand, if you live right on the tee box or the green, you’ll probably hear most of the action throughout the day.

What Is The Best Section Of A Golf Course To Live On?

Once you have determined which hole is the best to live next to, you have to decide which section of the hole you want to live on. You can choose to live next to the tee box, next to the fairway, or next to the green. The two most popular areas of the golf course to have your house is next to the tee box and next to the green. People like to have a home next to the green and next to the tee box because that is where most of the action happens. It can be entertaining to watch other golfers tee off and finish off the hole. 

The River Landing Community has homes for sale on all three sections of the golf course. In addition to completed homes for sale, you will find lots for sale on the golf course where you can build your very own custom home. Whether you are looking for a home on the tee box, along the fairway, or on a green, River Landing has an option for you. 

If you are looking into buying a home on a golf course but want to see the different options for yourself, come visit River Landing near Wilmington, NC. We can take you on a tour of our community and help you find the perfect home or lot on one of our two highly rated golf courses!

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