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What Does The Slope Rating Of A Golf Course Mean?

Not all golf courses are created equal. Some courses are far more difficult than others. The variance in difficulty is what led golf course raters to develop a system that can be used to determine just how difficult a given course is. The measure of how difficult a golf course is determined by a measurement known as the slope rating.

How the slope of a golf course is determined and what exactly the slope rating measures can be tricky to explain. In this resource we will answer some of the most common questions relating to golf course slope rating and go over how exactly the slope rating for a golf course is determined.

What Does Slope Rating Mean On A Golf Course?

The slope rating of a golf course is a mathematical measure of the difficulty of the golf course. Slope rating takes into account the USGA par rating of the course as well as the expected score of a higher handicap golfer. The difference between the two multiplied by 5.381 is the calculation used to determine the mens slope rating for a golf course. The golf course rater will use a number of factors to determine the expected score of a high handicap golfer to use for the calculation of the slope rating.

What Is An Easy Slope Rating?

Now that we know that a slope rating is a measurement of the difficulty of a golf course, you are probably wondering how you can interpret a golf course’s slope rating. The first thing many golfers do when they arrive at the golf course is check the score card for the slope rating. Most scorecards will have the slope rating printed on them. There is a separate slope rating for each of the different tee boxes on the course. The average slope rating of a golf course is typically 113. If the slope of a golf course is less than 113, the course is easier than the average golf course.

What Is A Hard Slope Rating?

If we know that the average slope rating of a golf course is 113, we can deduce that any golf course with a slope rating higher than 113 is more difficult than the average course. Don’t be intimidated if you see a slope rating that is above 113. Be sure to check the slope rating for all of the tee boxes. Typically you can play a course from the forward tee boxes to reduce the difficulty. Even high handicap golfers can play a course with a hard slope rating comfortably by moving to forward tee boxes with a lower slope rating.

What Is The Slope Rating At River Landing Country Club?

If you are planning on playing golf at River Landing Country Club in Wallace, NC here are the slope ratings that you can expect.

Landing Course

  • Gold Tees: 132
  • Blue Tees: 128
  • White Tees: 122

River Course

  • Gold Tees: 141
  • Blue Tees: 136
  • White Tees: 122

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