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Spec Homes For Sale In North Carolina

If you are located near Wallace, NC and you have considered buying a spec home on a golf course, you’re in the right place. Here at River Landing of Wallace, NC, we have a beautiful community with spec homes that are move in ready. If you are looking for somewhere to call home and you don’t want to wait for a new home to be built, a spec home at River Landing may be just the thing for you.

Exterior photo of spec home at River Landing

What Is A Spec Home?

A spec home or “speculative” home is a single family home construction that incorporates designs and features that a future home buyer would most likely be looking for in the area. While these types of homes don’t have the same amount of personalization as a custom home, there are plenty of benefits in buying a spec home.

A spec home will follow a predetermined floor plan and design so they may look similar to other spec homes in the area. However, these homes are built well and are move in ready. If you are ready to move into a home on a golf course as soon as possible, consider looking at a spec home available at River Landing.

How Much Does A Spec Home Cost?

The price of a spec home will ultimately depend on many of the same factors you would consider when pricing any other type of home. These include:

  • Home Size
  • Property Location
  • Additional Amenities

Not all spec homes are priced the same as not all of them are built the same. Although many spec homes can be built using the same or very similar designs, they can differ greatly in price and size.

Aerial view of River Landing Property

River Landing Spec Home Sizes

Our spec homes here at river landing are usually around 3,000 sq/ft with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. This is quite a large home that could easily fit a family of 5-7. Although some of River Landing’s spec homes are bigger or smaller, this is generally the size home you will find in our community.

River Landing Property Location

River Landing is a community located on a golf course in Wallace, NC. Each property in our community has a beautiful home that is fit for any family looking to live in a safe and quiet environment. Our spec homes are placed all around our golf course community and can provide you with easy access to all of our community amenities.

Additional Amenities

Having access things like a pool, golf course, tennis court, and beautiful walking trails make River Landing an amazing place to buy a spec home. An organized community like River Landing makes buying a home in our community a tempting decision.

Contact River Landing For About Buying A Spec Home

If you are interested in buying a spec home in an excellent neighborhood, contact River Landing today! You can see what types of property we have for sale on our website now. You can also speak with one of our knowledgable real estate experts about the current spec homes we have available now!

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