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How Much Does A Private Golf Course Membership Cost?

Picking a golf club can be an intimidating choice as there are thousands of great private and semi-private golf clubs all across the country, respectively, with their own exclusive blend of contributions. Beyond the amenities and course, every golf club has its own specific “feel” – a feature that should impact your ultimate decision the most. If you are looking for the best Town Private Golf Course for obtaining a membership, then River Landing should be your first priority as it truly is the best on the East Coast.

How Does Membership Work?

A golf club membership is not just about golf, and it will naturally open up admittance to a range of other club facilities that only members get. These may consist of a dining area and bar, swimming pools, and maybe other sports like tennis and squash, as well as space inside the club, to hold personal events and gatherings.

At River Landing, we offer four membership categories to choose from, they are:


In this Membership, you have full access to whichever of the 18-hole championship golf courses, club storage, practice facility, club storage, pickleball/basketball courts, lockers, Fitness Centre, tennis courts, member-only areas for dining, and the invites for events and social gatherings in the club.


This is suitable for a casual golfer. Comprises access to whichever of the 18-hole championship golf courses, club storage, Fitness Centre, practice facility, lockers, pickleball and basketball courts, outdoor pool, tennis courts, and invites for events and social gatherings in the club.


Perfect for those who play golf and also wish to socialize in a community. Social Membership consists of admittance to either of the courses (golf cart fees charges separately), practice facility, outdoor pool, club storage, and invites to social activities.


This Membership comes at only $200 per month. There is no need to own a property on River Landing, and you can enjoy the perquisites of club membership. If you reside more than 10 miles away from River Landing, you can relish playing golf on any course, outdoor pool, the Clubhouse, and invites to all social events.

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Do You Have To Pay A Membership Fee And Per Round Fee?

A golf course membership is not free of cost, and the price can vary contingent on the location, course, season of the year, and many more factors. But there are some general things to consider while picking a golf course to join. The first thing to do is to be completely aware of the facilities that you will. A golf cart is typically contained within with the price you pay for an 18-hole round, but that might not be the case everywhere. Many golf courses also bid reductions for residents and odd-hour discounts. Weekends, however, can be expensive at most of the courses.

Most golf clubs will charge you only a one-time fee that is called an initiation fee. It is tough to state the average cost of golf courses across the country for the reason that prices are varied, and the cost is hinged on the club and the facilities. This can generally range from $3000 to $10,000 as a yearly membership fee. Per round, a fee is generally charged from non-members, but this can vary from club to club.

River Landing, on the other hand, offers some of the great and moderately priced membership packages and also a “Stay and Play” package that includes one night stay and two golfing rounds.

In this package, you can take a friend along or a loved one and sign up for a getaway that is located around their top golf courses. You will get to stay in a beautiful accommodation while relaxing in nature with delicious food and drinks from their River Landing Clubhouse or Mad Boar Restaurant & Pub that is located just outside the gates.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Member Of A Private Golf Course?

Many benefits come with joining a private golf club; three of the most prominent ones are:

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It Is Better In A Financial Sense

While a public golf course requires you to pay each time you play, and for each and every round, this is not the case in a private golf club. You are only obligated to pay an annual fee and not every time you pay a visit. So, it is a more economical option even though it seems otherwise when we hear the total annual cost at once. Apart from that you also get access to a lot of great facilities and not just the golf course like the dining area and bar, swimming pool, other sports like tennis and much more.

You Get To Play On The Best Golf Course On The East Coast

One of the prominent reasons to get into a private golf club is because they will invest in you the considerable time, courtesy, and money in their course. The golf course is what the club is reliant on, so they are sure to provide you the best experience ever. In public clubs, however, the facilities and even the golf course will not be as well maintained as in a private one.

Great For Social Life

Social exposure is a big part of any private golf club. There are many women’s, men’s, and mixed events. Some are fixated chiefly on golf, while others can be aimed at just bringing the members together. Clubs usually have a lot of events to which all the members are invited, and it acts as a good platform to socialize with like-minded people.

Visit River Landing For Great Prices On Membership!

River Landing is aimed at providing its members the finest in golf luxury, club amenities, and other services. There is no other way you could enjoy all this in one place; get in touch with us for the details right now. We offer:

  • First-class staff, facility, and hospitality
  • Top-rated conveniences counting an out-of-doors pool, access to the river, tennis courts, and much more
  • Numerous dining opportunities without having to leave the property
  • Community events and social gatherings

Visit River Landing now and have a happy golfing experience!! Fill out the form below if you have any questions about our membership in general or specific prices.

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