Par 3 Golf Course Near Wilmington, NC

River Landing

Par 3 Golf Course Near Wilmington, NC

Few things are as exciting as playing a par three golf course. These courses give golfers a legitimate chance of a hole in one on every single hole. While playing a par 3 course may not be the same as playing a normal round, it is a fun way to spice up the game of golf. If you are looking for a par three course near Wilmington, NC, come visit River Landing Country Club. 

In addition to our Par 3 course options, River Landing offers golfers a choice of two 18-hole golf courses that have been ranked in the top-50 courses in North Carolina. Both courses are maintained at the highest level to provide golfers with a premier playing surface. The river course wanders along the banks of the Cape Fear river while the Landing course is set in the heart of the River Landing community. Both the River course and the Landing course offer par 3 playing options for Wilmington golfers. Although these courses are not pure par 3 courses, they do offer tee boxes that turn the courses into a par 54 course with each hole being less than 200 yards. If you want to play the best par 3 golf courses in eastern North Carolina, come visit River Landing country club.

Best Par 3 Golf Course In Eastern NC

Playing par 3 golf courses is a fun way to spice up your golf outing. These courses are also a great way to dial in your iron play and short game. The problem that most people run into when looking for a par 3 golf course is the quality and condition of the course. Many of these type of courses are not well maintained. This leads to patchy grass and slow greens. Both of the par 3 courses at River Landing are modified versions of our full, beautiful, well maintained courses. This provides golfers with the best conditions of any par 3 course in eastern North Carolina. If you want to play the best par 3 course in eastern NC, contact River Landing Country Club today. 

Par 3 Course With Fast Greens

Finding a par 3 golf course with fast, smooth, greens is tough. Luckily River Landing has two 18 hole par 3 courses with well maintained, fast greens. All of our greens are Champion Bermuda which provides golfers with the best putting surface possible. If you want to play a par 3 course that will help you improve your short game and putting in a high quality environment, come visit River Landing Country Club today. We will be happy to take you on a tour of our facilities.

Nicest Par 3 Golf Course Near Wilmington, NC

Most par 3 golf courses that you come across are neglected and not maintained at nearly the standard of a traditional golf course. The poor conditions experienced at your average par 3 golf course are a result of poor management and maintenance. Here at River Landing, our team of professional turf grass management experts maintain the course at a championship level. With lush grass tee boxes with few divots and smooth yet challenging greens, the par 3 golf course here at River Landing is one of the best in North Carolina. If you are interested in playing the nicest par 3 golf course near Wilmington, you need to experience the course at River Landing Country Club.

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