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How Much Do Golf Lessons Cost?

If you have thought about taking golf lessons to improve your game, you have probably wondered how much it would cost to do so.

Golf lessons cost anywhere between $25-$100+ depending on a few things like how long your lesson is and who is teaching it. Although this price may not be as cheap as you were hoping, you should consider it if you are serious about improving your golf scores.

If you have been hesitant of taking lessons because of the price, just remember that you don’t have to commit to taking a certain number of lessons. It is perfectly normal to take only 1-2 lessons and see how you like it before taking any more. Most players agree that lessons from a golf pro are worth the price.

How Does The Payment For Golf Lessons Work?

Most golf shops and country clubs charge by time for golf lessons. Usually a 30 minute golf lesson will cost you between $25-$75 depending on where you go.

Commonly, golf lessons will last a whole hour which usually costs between $50-$100. It can cost more if you go to a high end country club.

Occasionally, you can get a discount on lessons if you are a member at the course where you are getting golf lessons. If you are a member at a golf club, call them to ask what their rates are for members vs non-members.

Are Golf Lessons Worth The Money?

If you have been thinking about getting golf lessons but you haven’t because of the cost, you should know that the price of golf lessons are worth it. A golf pro can take hours off of the time it takes to lower your score by showing you the correct form and how you can improve your swing. But remember, the pro can only show you what to do, you have to apply what you’ve learned by yourself to improve.

In order to get better at golf, you don’t need to spend the money for a lesson every time you go out to hit golf balls. Try hitting on the range during your own time to apply what you learn. This is also a great way to save money because you’re still learning on the range but you don’t have to pay the golf pro to be there with you!

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How Many Golf Lessons Should You Take?

As mentioned before, there is usually no fixed number of golf lessons that you have to pay for in order to do it. You can take as many or as few golf lessons as you are comfortable paying for.

That being said, what is a good number of golf lessons to take before you start to see your scores improve? Although this is dependent on each player and how fast you adapt to changing your swing, it can take as few as 3-5 golf lessons before you start to improve. The most important part of taking golf lessons is applying what you’ve learned over and over again.

Perhaps you only want to pay for a few lessons. Some good advice is to go to your first lesson then practice on your own. If you practice whatever you worked on with the coach at the driving range you will only have to pay for a range bucket rather than a full lesson. Once you think you have improved upon what you learned in your lesson, go back to your coach and show them how you have improved. This will get you the most for your money because you won’t have to work on the same thing as last time with the golf pro.

The key to getting better at golf is consistent practice, whether it is on your own or with a golf pro.

Golf Lessons At River Landing In Wallace, NC

If you happen to be located on the eastern coast of North Carolina, River Landing golf community is a great place to start your lessons. We have several qualified golf pros here at our facility that have been helping golfers of all skill levels improve their scores. Use the form below to reach out to us about getting golf lessons here at River Landing.

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