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How Many Clubs Are Allowed In A Golf Bag?

In a typical golf bag, you will see that there are space dividers among the pockets where clubs are placed. In some golf bags, each club will have many separate divider pockets, one for each club. In other bags, there are 4 to 6 larger pockets that allow you to store several clubs in each divided space. So how many clubs should you have in all of your pockets? Is there a rule that you can only play with a certain number of clubs?

How Many Clubs Are Allowed In Official Golf Rules

According to the United States Golf Association, PGA players are allowed to carry no more than 14 clubs. This rule was adopted in 1939, and players before this would carry 20 to 25 clubs. In an officiated golf match, there are actually several penalties for carrying more than the allowed number of clubs.

If you were to play with 15 clubs in an officiated golf match, you would be penalized 2 strokes with a maximum penalty of 4 strokes for each hole that you play with the extra club. So if you were to play 3 holes with 15 clubs in your bag, you would be penalized by 4 strokes since this is the maximum penalty.

If you notice that you have the 15th club in your bag, you can avoid being penalized further by storing your club upside down in your bag.

What Are The Different Clubs In A Golf Bag?

Players can carry whatever clubs they choose to in their bag, however, there is a typical selection that is common among most golfers. The clubs that are usually carried in a golf bag include:

3 fairway woods: Driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood

8 irons: 3 through 9 iron and pitching wedge

A putter: one putter is usually carried

2 clubs of choice: with all other clubs equaling 12, this leaves 2 spaces to fill

Other types of clubs that are popular to carry in a golf bag are hybrid irons, various wedges, and driving irons. The different types of clubs that are in a golf bag comes down to personal preference and what a player feels most comfortable using. If you are playing golf for recreation, you can play with any amount of clubs that you would like. Golf is a sport that should be played to have fun.

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