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Do Private Golf Courses Allow Non-Members To Play?

Do you wish to play on a private golf course but don’t have a membership? If so, then there are a lot of questions boiling up in your head, and most probably, you are here just because you want to get the answer to all those!

As we all know, there is no shortage of excellent public golf courses. Although private golf clubs have an allure, that is the only reason people desire to join them. So the answer to the most often asked question is: “Do private golf courses allow non-members to play”? Yes, you can definitely join the private golf course without any membership. Now you may be wondering how to join it, so continue reading and explore all the possible ways.

1. Look For Competitions And Charity Events

One of the best aspects of golf is the availability of competitive events for players of all skill levels. These competitions can also provide an opportunity to play courses that would otherwise be closed to the public. A list of official events can most likely be found by searching your local golf association’s website. For example, the Southern California Golf Association hosts both USGA-sanctioned events and One-Day Series tournaments at various public and private courses around the region. Some of these events are regional club contests; therefore, joining your local club can help you get into these.

In addition, qualifying for national tournaments such as the US Mid-Amateur have handicap requirements to participate. You can also look for charity tournaments in your region, which are generally conducted at private golf courses, for events that are accessible to the public.

2. Catch Up With Your Home Course Pro

If the private course you’ve been wanting to play is in your region, the pro at your home course may be able to help you get a tee time. Golf is a relatively small community, and most players know the pro at other courses. A talk with your home course pro may result in a call to the private course to reserve a tee time. At the very least, they’ll be able to predict how likely (or unlikely) it is that they’ll be able to get on the private course.

Remember that the relationship you have with your home course pro is crucial to this plan. If this is the first instance, you’ve ever uttered more than a word or two to them, the chances of them doing you favor are much lower.

3. Call And Ask

Finally, calling the pro shop and inquiring what is possible is arguably the simplest and most underutilized means of getting on a private golf course. Many private clubs have ambassadors who will welcome prospective members for a game of golf; however, you will be charged a guest fee. This works best if you want to join the club but don’t want to commit to anything other than talking with the club’s membership director.

Another low-risk strategy is to compose a convincing letter. There are numerous examples of golfers who were able to gain access to some of the most exclusive private courses by mailing a letter the old-fashioned way.

That’s all about how to join private golf courses, so if you are looking to play private golf without membership, then the above tips will definitely help you and get the job done in no time!

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