Clay Tennis Courts Near Wilmington, NC

River Landing

Clay Tennis Courts Near Wilmington, NCc

Tennis courts are constructed out of a variety of different materials. Each material provides a different playing surface for players. The three major types of tennis courts you will find around the world are hard tennis courts, clay tennis courts and grass tennis courts. Hard tennis courts are the most common tennis playing surface you will find. Clay is the next most common. Many tennis players prefer to play tennis on clay courts for a variety of reasons. 

If you are looking for clay tennis courts near Wilmington, visit River Landing. River Landing Country club features a high-quality tennis facility that features Har-tru clay tennis courts. Members at River Landing enjoy unlimited access to our tennis facilities as well as the outdoor pool, fitness facilities, and both golf courses. Contact us today if you are interested in joining eastern North Carolina’s premier country club. 

Har-tru Clay Tennis Courts Near Wilmington, NC

Finding clay tennis courts to play on can prove to be a challenge in the Wilmington area. If you are looking for clay tennis courts near Wilmington come play at River Landing country club. The tennis courts at River Landing provide members with the option to play on Har-tru clay. Our tennis facility also offers lighting so members can play at night to avoid the summer heat that eastern North Carolina is known for. 

What Is The Difference Between Hard Tennis Courts And Clay Tennis Courts?

When you compare hard tennis courts and clay tennis courts there are a few differences you should take note of. Hard tennis courts provide a faster pace of play and a lower ball bounce. Clay courts slightly slows the pace of play and a higher ball bounce. Clay courts can also help you conserve energy by allowing you to slide into your shots instead of coming to hard stops over and over again.

Play Tennis At River Landing Country Club

If you would like unlimited access to the area’s most elite tennis facility, consider joining River Landing Country Club. A membership at River Landing includes access to tennis facilities, including clay courts, our family-friendly Outdoor Pool, our Fitness Center and fully equipped gym, and two of the top golf courses in North Carolina. Click the button below for more information about joining River Landing Country Club.

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