What To Consider When Building Your Custom Home

August 9, 2018

Do you remember that morning you were staring out the window, drinking your morning cup of coffee, and picturing what you would want if nothing stood in your way? You dreamed of a living room where you could entertain guests. Maybe it had a grand piano in it. You thought about the way the tile floor would feel on your feet after stepping out of your shower…you know, the one with two adjustable shower heads and an over-sized rain head? Now you find yourself this close to fulfilling that dream. You have purchased an idyllic site in River Landing and you are ready to draw it all out with a skilled and talented builder. Before you pull the trigger though there are a few key factors to take into consideration.


The most important step when buying a custom-built home is deciding which builder to trust with your dream. This decision will determine project cost, customization options, construction time-frame, and your overall anxiety. At River Landing we are honored to work with four incredible builders: Barker & Canady, River Landing Custom Home Builders, Stone Built Construction, and Wilkins & Wilkins. 



A good idea is to create a list of ideas before you even meet with potential builders. Understand what it is you want before you start setting limits and placing parameters. You’ll get more accurate information including a more accurate estimate if you can be specific about what you want and even what materials you are interested in using. At times great details such as square footage, style of home, and budget, can help you narrow down which builder to consider.


We are a fast-paced world. We want fast food in a drive through line. We want to avoid voicemail and just send an email. We live on deadlines. But when it comes to building a custom home it is important to have a reasonable understanding of the time it may take to build such a beauty. The National Association of Home Builders found that the average completion time of a single-family house is around seven months, which includes about 35 days from authorization to the start of construction. Of course this number can be higher. But it is a good jumping off point in today’s market. 


Even as carefully planned as custom home projects are, some aspects can still be a bit unpredictable. In eastern North Carolina we have seasons of mind-numbing heat, unstoppable rain, and even the occasional tropical storm or hurricane. Delays are often unavoidable, so it’s important to understand and plan for a modicum of flexibility in your construction timeline. Consider that rain puts a stop to most building until the home is dried in. It also puts a halt on concrete work as concrete needs time to cure. This isn’t to say that North Carolina doesn’t have some of the most beautiful weather on the East Coast. It is just gentle caution to always remain prepared.



Your personal budget is one of the most important aspects of building a custom home. A good rule of thumb is to start out slightly beneath your budget so that you have wiggle room for unexpected costs. This will help give you piece of mind when situations arise. Custom builds can go over budget due to changes in design, material alterations, unforeseen issues, landscaping, and more! As your grandmother used to say when she gave you that shiny half dollar at Christmastime, “Don’t spend it all at once.”

Above all else though. RELISH THE EXPERIENCE! This is what you spent so many morning thinking about. This is the moment you and your spouse used to talk about on long car trips. This is what kept you motivated at 3pm on Wednesday of a particularly long work week. This is more than a custom house. This is a custom dream and by moving to River Landing you are one step close to living that dream!

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