What is Risk Management: How to Keep Your Home Safe

October 26, 2023

Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and controlling threats to prevent loss, which can be achieved through preventative maintenance or insurance for your house and personal belongings. It is a concept familiar to some but may be unfamiliar to others.

Reducing your chances of filing a claim on your homeowner’s insurance starts with regular maintenance of the home. When your roof, plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances are well-maintained, the home is less likely to experience issues that lead to substantial losses.

Other ideas that can prevent or reduce expenses related to the loss of your home or its contents include:

Installing a whole-house generator

  1. This can prevent the loss of critical systems such as security systems, refrigeration, cooling systems, etc.
  2. It can prevent food spoilage during power outages.
  3. Enhances health and safety for individuals who rely on medical equipment and can be at serious risk without power.

Using water leak detection systems

  1. These systems help prevent substantial damage from hidden leaks.
  2. Leak detection systems can send alerts to your phone while you are home or away.
  3. Some systems come equipped with an automatic shut-off valve that activates when unusual water volume flow or leak is detected.

Small actions taken by you, as a homeowner, can mitigate the risk of loss to your income, property, and livelihood. For more ideas and conversation around this and other insurance topics, please visit or give us a call.

Vonda Norris, AINS, CISR




This blog is published in partnership with Carlton Insurance as part of River Landing’s Allied Partner Program.

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