What Are the Best Gloves for Hot Weather Golfing?

March 17, 2023

Golf gloves play a significant role in ensuring a golfer’s performance and comfort while playing. They provide a grip on the club, prevent blisters, and protect the golfer’s hand. However, playing golf in hot weather can present unique challenges that require a specific type of glove. In this article, we will discuss the best gloves for hot weather golfing.

Most golfers will agree that a synthetic leather glove is the best choice for hot-weather golfing. The synthetic material is more breathable than traditional leather, allowing air to circulate and keep your hands cool. Additionally, synthetic gloves are water-resistant, providing a secure grip on the club even in wet conditions.

Golf Glove Material Considerations

When it comes to golf gloves, the material used can affect their breathability and moisture-wicking ability, which are essential considerations for hot-weather golfing.

Common materials used for golf gloves include cabretta leather, synthetic material, and genuine leather. Cabretta leather is a popular choice because it is more breathable and lighter than genuine leather. However, genuine leather is more durable and can provide a better grip, but it tends to be less breathable. Hybrid leathers like cabretta leather gloves can offer a balance of breathability and durability. For hot-weather golfing, synthetic leather tends to be the most comfortable material option for most, as it is the most breathable.

Golf Glove Design Considerations

The design of golf gloves also plays a crucial role in their suitability for hot weather golfing. Features such as ventilation, perforations, and lightweight construction can improve breathability and comfort. Additionally, gloves with a moisture-wicking liner can help keep hands dry and comfortable.

Cabretta leather gloves tend to be the thinnest and lightest, which can make them suitable for hot weather. However, they may not be as durable as other materials. For hot-weather golfing, gloves with perforations, lightweight construction, and moisture-wicking liners are the best design options.

Recommended Golf Gloves for Hot Weather

Several top golf glove brands produce gloves suitable for hot weather golfing. Some of the best gloves for hot weather include FootJoy Weathersof, Callaway Opti-vent, and Titleist Players Flex.

FootJoy Weathersof is a synthetic leather glove that provides excellent breathability and comfort, making it ideal for hot weather golfing. Callaway Opti-vent gloves feature perforations for enhanced ventilation and a moisture-wicking liner. Titleist Players Flex gloves have a hybrid leather construction, making them durable and breathable.

Changing Your Golf Gloves Mid-Round

Golfers can benefit from bringing multiple gloves during a round to switch to a dry glove when they sweat. Changing gloves can provide a fresh, dry grip and prevent discomfort caused by wet gloves.


When selecting gloves for hot weather golfing, materials, and design considerations are critical. Synthetic leather gloves with perforations and moisture-wicking liners are the best options for hot-weather golfing. Additionally, bringing multiple gloves to change during a round can improve comfort and performance.

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