Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2019

February 14, 2019

The height of the wedding season is almost upon us so for most brides getting married in 2019, the wedding planning fun has become fast and furious now. Planners and vendors have made style predictions and there are a number of new trends that are still possible to include in the season’s nuptials. From food to flowers, decor and even photography, here are the Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2019.


“We are seeing a trend of brides incorporating purple into their wedding decor. The primary use is in linens and centerpieces but purple really gives that air of royalty and exclusivity,” says Carrie Bromelle, Sales Manager at River Landing.  


Lighting effects are becoming far more affordable than they were even last year. Twinkling lights and LED “stars” are starting to appear for evening receptions as a way to give off a magical, moonlit feel to the event. Uplighting is also being employed as a way to showcase centerpieces and even add fluid effects to otherwise drab walls and partitions.


Why settle for stationary photos and odd video edits when you can use drone technology to capture different perspectives of the wedding day. The ability to get steady pans and seamless motion is so much easier now with the increasing ease of airborne drone technology.


Grooms are no longer taking a backseat to the bride when it comes to planning. “Quite frankly, grooms are grooming and styling their own weddings. They are not just accessories to the bride any longer,” notes Tabatha Walsh, Director of Sales for River Landing.


Thanks to the recent royal wedding of Prince Harry, tiaras are again popular as brides try to create their own fairy tale nuptials, complete with a princess bride!

Wedding ceremonies are such a special part of community life at River Landing in Wallace, NC, as well as a top wedding venue in North Carolina. Anyone of our 10 spaces allows brides, grooms, and their friends and families, make incredible memories that will last a lifetime!

For more information contact Director of Sales Tabatha Walsh or visit our wedding team online.

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