Top 5 Ways To Use Concrete In Your Custom Home Build

January 17, 2019

Cold. Utilitarian. Isolating. All are words that have been associated with concrete. In bygone construction eras concrete has been expressly reserved for basements, commercial spaces, and driveways. Not anymore though. More and more contractors and homeowners alike are finding ways to use concrete to inject texture and ruggedness to a space, or even add warmth and comfort. Consider these 5 ways concrete can enhance your custom home.


Using concrete to build kitchen countertops and islands allows for a number of dynamic design options. You can customize the shape, the thickness, and even the length. Concrete also allows you the ability to completely customize the color using integral pigments and/or stains. If you long for a more natural and organic look you can stick to the natural grey.

Design Idea: Make your concrete standout by using decorative embeds like recycled glass, crushed mirror, or even colored gems.


This particular idea sound seems a bit exotic and not at all practical. However, only concrete provides the ability to cast a sink that perfectly matches the countertop, creating a seamless look. Molds are available in a variety of shapes and styles, including ovals, rectangles, trough sinks, farmhouse vanity sinks, and more.


Concrete walls may sound odd, but they actually make an eye-catching feature and/or accent. If you are trying to achieve a certain amount of industrial charm, a concrete wall can be just the solution.

Design Idea: You could choose to include a concrete accent wall in a hallway or transitional space and put a water feature or river rocks at the base, allowing for a more zen appeal.


A concrete fireplace can take on almost any feel. They can appear vintage or modern, depending on your tastes. Whereas the earlier part of the millennium saw the popularity of river rock hearths and chimney scapes, custom homes in today’s market are taking a more minimal approach and incorporating concrete fireplaces.


Concrete floors are historically unattractive. They can evoke a feeling of sterility and seem quite cold. In fact, they typically show up in warehouses and commercial kitchens. There is a good reason for that though. They are seamless, incredibly durable, and easily stand up to constant foot traffic, food and drink spills, and dropped cutlery. They are also incredibly resistant to food and oil stains, water, and even light abrasions when properly sealed. In your custom home kitchen, concrete floors can offer the same benefits but can be finished in countless colors and decorative patterns. In fact, your creativity is the only boundary!

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