Top 5 Must Haves In Your Custom Home Office

July 22, 2021

Since the beginning of 2020, and more specifically since COVID sent the work-from-home trend into high gear nationwide, homeowners have been scrambling to convert garages and even seldom-used closets into offices. At the same time, custom home builders have been receiving requests to add dedicated office spaces to luxury custom homes. The desire to create a space that is equipped with all the accoutrements of an away-from-home office is more prevalent than ever. 

If you’re looking for a dedicated office in your custom home but aren’t sure what to tell your builder, consider these 5 must-have features.

Photo of home office with bookshelves

Built-In Bookshelves

Bookshelves are a necessity for any custom home office. They help keep you organized and focused on work, as well as adding to the overall decor of the space. From guidebooks to manuals, treasured classics to periodicals, the proper display area helps keep your office clutter-free and classy.

The Perfect Lighting Setup

A good home office typically has a number of lighting sources in order to fit your mood or need. From the sun rising over the golf course in a community like River Landing in Wallace, NC, to task lighting to brighten your work space in the late-night hours, you should have the lighting to do your work and enjoy all the benefits of your new work-from-home environment.

Plenty Of Electrical Outlets

You can never have too many electrical outlets. In today’s high-tech, gadget controlled world, having plenty of outlets for charging and staying connected is more than necessary. This rings just as true in a custom home office. Talk to your contractor about your options. Your custom home and your home office should have enough outlets for your office equipment, your gadgets, your telecom appliances, and your lighting. There is nothing worse than your laptop battery dying right in the middle of an important ZOOM conference.

Storage Cabinets

Open shelving is not the only way to go in a home office. For those areas where you want to remain professional looking and keep your area clutter-free, you’ll want a custom space to neatly tuck away your files and your office supplies. Consider designing custom storage cabinets that serve your purposes and not those of a designer at a non-descript furniture box store. Custom designed storage cabinets will also allow your storage to fit your space specifically. They can accommodate low ceilings, angled walls, and more. Custom storage cabinets are the perfect solution to maximizing your space.

Reliable Internet

While Wi-Fi certainly is convenient, it is not always completely reliable. A hotspot is even less so, and when your income depends on the performance of your home office and its connection capability, you may want to consider a fixed wired internet connection. While you are limited to only the best reception your physical address offers, you can maximize your options in order to get the fastest speeds possible. Because you are building a custom home you can have your builder add a dedicated electrical outlet, a CAT-5 port, or even a fiber optic terminal. 

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