The Newness Of Nostalgia

November 21, 2018

Since Halloween time we’ve all been thinking about turkey piled high with buttery mashed potatoes on the side, all dripping with gravy. We can taste the collards and smell the freshly baked pumpkin pie. Oyster stuffing. Pecan Pie.

Every year we spend hours preparing the traditional Thanksgiving feast just like our mom used to and her mom before her. It is an act of repetition. It is a day and an activity that has created its own momentum. The same mashed potatoes made from the same amount of white potatoes mixed with the same amount of sour cream and topped with the same amount of butter. They are as certain as taxes and death. The act of Thanksgiving each year connects us with our own past.

Nostalgia comes from the Greek word for homecoming (nostos) and pain (algos). Feeling nostalgic is actually good for mental health though. Anything can bring on nostalgia – music, smells, photos, and even garments. Human beings play the same songs, cook the same mashed potatoes, take the same family photo as the year before because we are human. We are taken with both habit and nostalgia. We are a repetitive creature. We are emotional people. Nostalgia keeps us with a sense of belonging and keeps us feeling connected.

Perhaps that is why one of the hottest trends in custom home kitchens has a nostalgic flair. It is where architecture and art meets actual function. With the advent of Smart Refrigerators and App-controlled convection ovens, there is a growing number of homeowners who want to pull on the latch of a retro icebox or hear the POP of a piece of bread flying out of the toaster each morning. It is for those who want the kitchen of yesterday with the convenience and technology of tomorrow! That said, meet SMEG, a brand with a mix of retro and modern appliances for your everyday use. Manufactured in Italy, and popular abroad in countries like the United Kingdom, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and South Africa, SMEG’s popularity has grown in the United States with its nostalgic, 1950s appearance. The appliances are top-rated and their nontraditional colors make for a surprising brightness in any kitchen. Our Top 3 choices this Thanksgiving are:



Available in nine colors, the powder-coated steel body with a polished chrome base features self-centered racks, automatic slice pop up, a removable stainless steel crumb tray, a built-in cord wrap, and provides six browning levels and three pre‐set programs: Reheat, Defrost, and Bagel.


A new item available in five colors, the espresso coffee machine is a stainless steel and chrome beauty! With a 1-cup button, a 2-cup button, a steam option, and an adjustable Cappuccino system, this SMEG is sure to become a topic of conversation around your dinner parties.



In order to keep your food and drink perfectly fresh, SMEG refrigerators feature the latest technology to ensure top performance and high levels of energy efficiency. Available in 10 different color tones from a subtle cream to a vibrant green, the fridge is a true conversation piece. The door and internal shelves can be adjusted to different heights, and are easily removable for cleaning. The interior provides good storage space for fresh food and includes a small icebox for convenience.

So indulge in a little Thanksgiving daydreaming. Get new. Get nostalgic. Long for the oyster stuffing. Sniff the air in anticipation of mom’s “famous” pumpkin pie. Then tomorrow, enjoy your holiday feast, and all the benefits that come from the power of nostalgia. And when the dust clears and the football games are over, start designing your custom dream home (and kitchen!) at River Landing in Wallace, NC.

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