The 5 Most Popular Door Styles For Your Custom Home

May 1, 2019

Homeowners have no shortage of choices in selecting doors – interior and exterior -, which range from solid, flush styles to decorative, glass-paneled designs, and no feature of a home says “Welcome” quite like a beautiful and inviting front door. Thankfully there are a variety of styles from which to choose — ensuring you’ll find just the look and design you desire for your custom home. What’s more, each of the 5 styles listed below should have options available in wood and fiberglass — the two most commonly used door materials. You may also find metal options — another often sought-after material, both for safety and security. Here’s a rundown of the 5 most popular door styles on the market for your custom home.


Widely used—and the material of choice for custom and luxury installations—wood doors can be found in designs and finishes to fit virtually any home style, including Colonial, Craftsman, and Victorian among many others. They are typically well-crafted, well insulated, and stylish.



Sturdy, low-maintenance, and affordable, steel is a leading choice among exterior doors. Most feature an insulating foam core covered by a durable layer of steel, which in turn can be painted to complement any color palette. The popular thought is that steel doors are too heavy, too ugly, too expensive. That is just a myth though as metal doors are relatively light in weight, come in all kinds of customizable styles and sizes, and are frequently less expensive than solid wood doors.



Solid doors with no decoration are known as “flush”. Most commonly used as interior doors, they can be painted, stained, or even covered with wallpaper. In addition, they are reserved for more modern applications and, while thought to look a bit sterile, are often chosen for custom homes.



Also referred to as stile-and-rail doors, panel doors typically come in 4, 6, or 8-panel configurations. Whether used in exterior or interior applications, they feature smooth, framed sections that surround deeply embossed panels. Often, one or more panels will feature a window insert or glass cutout.



The last ten years in custom home design have been heavily influenced by a number of “country chic” designs. Between reclaimed wood furnishings and antique pieces, barn doors have left the farmyard and entered our homes. Genuine or stylish reproduction, barn doors are often characterized by rough-hewn wood embellished with classic “z” or “x” designs in wrought iron. They have special hardware that allows the door to glide open and closed.


The style door you choose for your custom home can be as simple or elaborate as you like. The guide should be your personal style and personal taste. So who knew the choice of doors could be so complex? Doors are one of the most important part(s) of your custom home because of their welcoming factor. Be sure you are well informed and have all of the correct details.

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