Tee it Up Tuesday: Speed Skating in the Sun

June 19, 2018


Well, the summer heat has officially arrived! So, maybe some cool visuals could help us hit those fairway woods a little more crisply.  Let’s focus on two things: keeping our center and pushing off.

We’ll start with addressing position.  Set your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart and the ball a couple of inches inside your front heel to promote a sweeping strike.  Start your backswing by turning the shoulders, keeping the upper arms close to the body.  Try to make sure you feel “centered” as weight is loaded into the instep of the right foot.

When you are balanced and connected, you can go at it on the downswing, looking for solid contact on the center of the club face.

If you watched the speed skaters this past winter during the Olympics, you would have seen them plant their rear foot and then push off.  Let’s try to do the same thing, letting the upper body have back just a bit while we establish momentum from our rear foot and leg.  The rest of the swing just happens.  At impacts we like the swing to be level with the turf, taking little or no divot, and finishing balanced!

Stay hydrated out in this heat, and keep those cool thoughts running through your head.  Good luck!

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