Tee It Up Tuesday: Putting

January 29, 2019

When it comes to making a consistent putting stroke most professionals would agree that keeping the lower body still through the stroke is key. Although we want to keep the lower body still it doesn’t mean we have to get frozen and rigid before beginning the stroke.


Most great putters are relaxed, and whether it be a forward press or some slight adjustments, they keep things fluid to maintain rhythm. So how can we accomplish both? Well recently I’ve returned to putting like I did as a junior in terms of set up. This has helped me keep the lower body very still without becoming too rigid before starting the putting stroke. I keep the putter light in my hands with a reverse overlap grip. Then I’ll have the ball very forward in my stance, pretty much just inside the left foot, almost even with it. The right foot I’ll have kicked back, with the outside of my right foot almost a little off the ground. The inside spikes of the right shoe are kind of pinned into the turf. So my weight ends up very much on my left side, with my right calf and right knee kicked towards the left knee slightly. I’ve pinned my weight onto my left side and because of that, even with the ball so far forward in my stance, my eyes are still over the ball.

So the lower body stays very still and from there I try to keep my arms very relaxed, pick out a spot in front of the ball as an intermediate target, one last look at the hole, then pull the trigger. Maybe give this set up a try one day, especially if you feel like there is some sway or movement in your lower body during your putting stroke.

-Jeff Hale
Assistant Golf Professional at River Landing


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