Tee It Up Tuesday: Original Club Names

October 10, 2017

You know them as your woods, irons and wedges. However, up until the 1920’s they were referred to something entirely different!


Two-woods were referred to as “the brassie”.

Three-woods were referred to as “the spoon”.

Four-woods were referred to as “the baffy”.

Five-woods were referred to as “the clerk”.

Antique golf club set.

Antique golf club set.


1 irons were called “the driving iron”.

2 irons were called “the midiron”.

3 irons were called “the mid mashie”.

4 irons was called “the mashie iron”.

Golf Ball from the 1920s.

Golf Ball from the 1920s.

5 five irons were called “the mashie”.

6 irons were called “the spade mashie”.

7 irons were called “the mashie niblick”.

8 irons were called “the pitching niblick”.

And the 9 irons were called “the niblick”

Finally in 1932 Gene Sarazen gave us the Sand Wedge to complete our set!

Now that you know the original names of your set of clubs, it’s time to grab them and head on over to the first tee! Ask someone in your group if they prefer a Mashie or Clerk instead!

By:  Briana Sweeny

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