Staff Spotlight: Camille Pasaol

January 19, 2018

Camille Pasao began her J1 Hospitality Internship here at the Village at River Landing ten months ago.  Originally from the Philippines, Camille says she loves living here in Wallace because the Members are nice to talk to and she loves that the cost of living is inexpensive compared to other places she has lived.


Camille graduated from her university in Davao City with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management.  From there she completed a work study program in Charleston, SC before joining us here in Wallace.  She admits that when she first came here she felt like she did not know anything, but credits her managers at the Clubhouse for teaching her to step out of her comfort zone and learn the different parts of the Hospitality industry.

In March, Camille will end her internship contract and move on to the next adventure in her life, one she hopes will eventually lead her to New York City so she can experience Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.  In the meantime, she looks forward to hosting Members next week for our Clubhouse Dining’s Filipino Buffet night.  “I’m happy to show the Members what my culture and food is like…last night I told all of my tables to come join us on Thursday, January 25th for Filipino night!”

Camille after graduating college.

Camille after graduating college.Camille in front of the River Landing Clubhouse last summer.

Camille in front of the River Landing Clubhouse last summer.

Fun Facts about Camille…

How old are you?

How many siblings do you have?
I have one younger brother, who is 17 years old, and a younger sister who is only 2 years old.

What do your parents do back in the Philippines?
My parents own a large farm where they produce and sell sugar cane, mangos, coconuts, and other produce.

What have you learned in your time here at River Landing?
I used to be really shy and did not want to talk much.  Now I love to talk to the Members and to my friends here.

Give an interesting fact about the city you’re from?
Davao City in the Philippines is the home city of Philippine’s President Rodrigo Duterte.  He was the mayor of Davao City before he became the 16th President of the country.

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