Staff Spotlight: Andrew M. Odom

August 24, 2018

Andrew M. Odom is one of the newest additions to the River Landing team, joining us as the Custom Home Program Manager. From Magnolia, NC, Andrew brings a special interest to his position. Says Odom, “North Carolina is rich in housing history. The architecture throughout the state is as varied as its residents, and is influenced by the industries, geography, and climate that have helped shape the State’s social and economic climates. From the European influence of the 17th century to the Modernist home in the Triangle, the state is house rich!”

Over the past 20 years, Odom has had the great fortune of turning passion into business on several fronts. He has at one point or another been involved with photo production, content editing, photojournalism, corporate and private blogging, community management, project management, video creation and editing, social media managing, and traditional advertising, as well as online marketing. “Basically, I have spent the last 20 years learning to communicate and then helping those around me do the same.”

Odom holds a Bachelors Degree from Florida State University and a Masters Degree from Regent University. Career highlights include:

  • Community Manager for Evoca, LLC based in Savannah, GA

  • Online Managing Editor and Production Manager for SOUTH magazine, in Savannah, GA,

  • Managing Editor for Tiny House Magazine

  • Founder of TinyHouseNC

  • Editor of Turning Tiny

  • Event Host of the 2017 TinyHouseNC Street Festival and the 2018 TinyHouseNC Street Festival both

  • Published writer for Tiny House Blog, GRIT, Farmer’s Almanac, Tiny House Listings, CNN, RELEVANT MagazineSmall Town Living, and Kitchen Drawer.

Andrew has been married for ten years to his most honest critic and best friend, Crystal, and is the father to the most adventurous six-year-old in the state!

Fun Facts About Andrew

  1. Favorite quote:  “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” ~Kenny Rogers

  2. He and his wife met while on a Youth With A Mission mission trip.

  3. He has seen the movie “Top Gun” 27 times.

  4. He danced at Virginia Ballet as a teenager.

  5. He lived in a 240 sq.ft. house with his wife and daughter for more than two years.

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