Shop ‘Til You Drop For Your Custom Home

December 6, 2018

Christmas shopping season is in full effect. We have all made our lists, checked them twice, and pretended we’ve all been nice! So when shopping for all those friends and family members on your list, why not shop for your home as well? This isn’t to say why not shop for seasonal decorations at blockbuster prices that will spend 11 months in a box in a well-organized bonus room. The Custom Home Program here at River Landing is talking about thoughtful upgrades to your already stunning residence; upgrades that will make your home look and feel better all year long!


The entryway can play an important role in establishing the comfort and safety and, in turn, the pleasure and relaxation we feel in our homes. In addition to providing a way into the home, the entry is a “decompression zone” between the outdoors and the indoors. The importance of an entryway is often overlooked, but this room sets the tone for the spaces ahead.


Personalize your home in a way that will make a huge impact while also being quite functional. With the vast array of hardware available – drawer pulls, hinges, handles, etc – choosing it can be overwhelming. The style of the room and the finish of your doors, cabinets, and drawers will help narrow down the hardware style and finish that will work best. Brushed finishes, polished brass, nickel, and pewter are all good choices for traditional kitchen designs, while enameled or high-gloss metals blend well into more modern designs. Virtually all finishes work well with white, while pewter, chrome, nickel and bronze work well with wood and paint. Glass is a great way to add elegance, sparkle or color. Whatever you choose, be sure to ask a few questions including are there sharp areas or rough textures that may bother you? Do they provide adequate clearance between the pull and the door?


With the popularity increase in matching, family pajama sets, it seems to reason that Americans are as again becoming concerned as ever with their visual appearance. Why should that stop at personal wardrobe though? Why doesn’t that include your home? This holiday, consider adding simple window treatments or custom blinds to give a more polished and classy look? Nothing says refined beauty like a custom drape made to fit the window it accompanies.


Don’t move into a home void of color. A few coats of paint can give life to an otherwise cold room. Start with an accent wall. A bold color on a single wall can give the room a complete look without overwhelming the senses. You may even want to hire a designer to help choose color pallets that work well with the shape and purpose of the room, your furnishings, the lighting, etc.


Driving from neighborhood to neighborhood admiring lighting displays, illumination may very well be on your mind. If so, think about the role lighting will play in your home. No one wants fluorescent ballasts beaming down on them like a spotlight on Mama Rose. Try for mood lighting and energy efficient lighting instead. What about bedside lamps? How about a bathroom with overhead lights, task lighting, and even inner-mirror lights? While you’re at it, have a look at chandelier options for your beautiful dining room.

There is no good reason to deny your custom home this holiday season. Take your current design up a notch by working in some details that might otherwise show up on the “update” list 3-4 years from now. The Custom Home Program at River Landing is here to help you walk through the home building process and put you in front of professionals the entire way.


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