River Landing Tree Lighting Celebration

December 18, 2018

Each holiday season the members of the River Landing community gather together at the Clubhouse circle to enjoy fellowship with one another as they watch the lighting of the Christmas tree. This circle itself was designed by the late Betsy Johnson, a former member of the River Landing community and has been the site of the Christmas tree lighting for the past three years. This year, over 250 people gathered to watch the glimmering lights shine and enjoyed some live entertainment, including dancing and singing from local groups. Carol Steen was among those who enjoyed singing at the event as she told us, “Singing with the voice and instrumental ensemble was, as always, a joyful experience.  This year had special meaning as we gathered together to feel the peace of the Christmas season.”


This year’s tree lighting was very special indeed, for it was a chance for the community to come together during a difficult time as many in attendance had been affected by the recent Hurricane Florence. The evening was the perfect time for people to reconnect with all those displaced during the hurricane and an opportunity to bring happiness and a sense of family during the holidays. As River Landing Activities Director Sabrina Lewis put it, “As with any community, anytime you come together, especially during the holiday season, it brings smiles, laughter and sometimes tears. You’re able to talk to those who you may not see on a regular basis which creates a since of family behind the gates.”

After the Christmas Tree Lighting came the Holiday Cheer Party. This was another chance for community Residents and Members to gather together. Delicious food and seasonal drinks were served by our Banquet team while attendees dined and chatted with friends and family alike. It seemed everyone had a wonderful time in fellowship and celebration the season. One of the Members in attendance, Lynn Hickey, stated that, “The ceremony last night was the perfect, uplifting start to the Christmas season! The singers had beautiful voices, the musicians were skilled professionals, and the young dancers were talented and exuberant!”

This year’s event was also an opportunity for people to give back to the children in our area who were affected by Hurricane Florence. Toys were collected for the children within the neighborhood and once that list is fulfilled, additional toys will be given to other children in Duplin County. Christmas is a season where people come together and this notion reigned true throughout the River Landing community on this joyous occasion.

Thank you to all of our Members and Residents who came out and made this event such a success!

-Kendall Andrews, Marketing Intern

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