My Homeowner’s Policy Covers That?

July 4, 2017

Many homeowners purchase insurance and rarely take time to read the policy. Some may skim to determine what coverage exists, others just make the purchase and never review the policy. Homeowners may be pleasantly surprised to find that the policy actually covers more than just run-of-the-mill accidents. Here are some examples of other coverage that may be available under their policy.

  • Gravestones : If the homeowner is the primary care taker of a headstone and its damaged or vandalized on or away from your property, your policy may consider it personal property and offer coverage to replace it.
  • Dorm burglary: College-age children living in dorms away from home may have coverage under their parents’ homeowner’s policy for theft and other covered causes of loss.
  • Falling objects: Large chunks of ice or even plane tires are considered falling objects. No matter what the object is or where it came from falling objects are considered a covered peril.
  • Spoiled food: If the refrigerator or freezer loses power due to a covered cause of loss, your policy may afford coverage.
    Unauthorized use of credit cards: Some insurers provide coverage for the expense related to unauthorized use of cards.

Every policy is different, so policyholders need to make sure to read their policy or talk with their agent to verify what coverage actually exists.

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