How To Measure Your Home’s Performance

January 10, 2019

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the television crime-drama CSI got together with favorite This Old House? So have we. Thanks to YouTube experts Corbett and Grace Lunsford we don’t have to wonder any longer!

Following their successful tiny house on wheels construction and 2016/2017 tour aptly named Proof Is Possible and able to be seen with hashtag #TinyLab, the couple has put together an informative program wherein they meet homeowners, diagnose problems, and prescribe real solutions supported by science.

Home Performance is the first program ever dedicated to promoting measured home performance, building science concepts and forensic testing, while highlighting best practices for home improvements/high performance building proven through diagnostics. Home Performance isn’t just for renovations though. As Corbett and Grace show while traveling the nation, home performance is for new construction as well. In each episode the couple meets with homeowners to diagnose their mystery problems and prescribe real solutions to help them prove their home is a safe, healthy, comfortable place for their family, as well as addressing the PBS audience and informing them on how these lessons can apply in their homes as well.

Filmed in Chicago, Princeton, Rochester, New York City, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City the locations were found during the couple’s educational nationwide tour to 34 cities.

Episode Descriptions:


Renovation Review. To begin Season 1, Grace and Corbett drive the #TinyLab to a big, beautiful, freshly renovated house in Chicago to help their client Ava solve her complex and unexpected issues with air quality and comfort.


Trust Your Nose. The world’s highest performance tiny house on wheels next visits a 1960’s home that’s not what it seems. Mia has been told that her mind is playing tricks on her, or that she should wear a face mask, in response to her insistence that she can smell the attic or the crawlspace. Grace and Corbett do the scientific testing and find out for sure.

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