How To Make An Entrance In Your Custom Home

November 1, 2018

When a guest comes to your door and is invited in their impression begins immediately. Whether you have a large foyer, a narrow hallway, or just a small area around your front door, the entry to your custom home is important because it sets the tone for your entire home.

Even more than that, the entrance also needs to withstand muddy gear, dropping umbrellas, dog leashes and toys, and more! So how do you make the most of your entryway? Here are a few tips.


Demand More From Your Door

Before your guest even knocks on the door or rings the bell, they see the door. Make sure your door is visible and welcoming. The front door is essentially the face of your home and where the most immediate impression happens. You will want to light it properly, make it warm, include a pathway, and balance holiday decor with everyday decor.

Create A Personal Gallery

Whether you have a robust art collection or just some of your favorite record albums in frames, an entryway gallery can be a perfect introduction to your home. Considering the entryway is the first place guests see and also the last they see, a gallery can give them true insight to your home’s character. One of the most popular ways to achieve this look is to highlight an eclectic collection of prints. While one may think that an eclectic blend of photographs, prints and artwork would clutter your space, a diverse collection of your families life allow your entryway to tell a story in a grand way! Try combining prints from holiday destinations alongside some of your favorite photographs (black and white filters make for more visual interest) and personal belongings that you treasure. Choose a bit of a theme and commit to it.


Go Bold!

If you want your entryway to truly make a statement, go bold with it. Start with covering your walls in a graphic color or paper. Add artwork that speaks and speaks loudly. Try indulging in contemporary art with vivid colors. A modernist entry table can also give a punch of excitement to the space you invite the world into first.

Add Texture

Do you want to have a warm space that speaks to a more nostalgic time? Consider adding texture for natural warmth. Furniture or accessory pieces with texture lend visual interest and make your space feel more hospitable. Natural materials like wood, baskets and fabric are good choices.

Whatever sort of environment you want to create, remember it will ultimately be the first impression of your custom home. It can emote in any way you want. Just remember the #1 tip for creating an entryway. Make It Unique To You!

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